Bridge end allotments- new yearly award -winners 2020

Bridge End Allotments – Event of the Year
On Saturday 12th September 2020, a newly established event was held at Egremont Rugby Union club.
The Maxi Marrow Competition was introduced earlier on in the year by Willie Maxwell, who invited his allotment friends to enter the ‘marrow growing competition’. The participants from Egremont’s Bridge End allotments, took on the challenge of growing the heaviest marrow they could be possibly achieve. The event was initially started as a ‘bit of fun’ during the pandemic, whilst raising money for Egremont Foodbank.
Since then the trophy has proudly been named the ‘Maxi Marrow Cup’ after the Bridge End allotments longest running resident Willie ‘Maxi’ Maxwell, of Bridge End Park, Egremont. The competition claimed its first ever winner on Saturday, Roy Redshaw, who’s marrow weighed in at an astonishing 3.8kg. Catherine Maxwell, Willie’s wife, presented the trophy to the Roy, concluding this year’s event. Unfortunately for Willie, his marrow came in last place, weighing in at 1.9kg.
Roy can be seen holding his winning marrow and accepting the Maxi Marrow Cup
This event will be held every year, entry is £5, and this donation will go towards helping a local charity (overall winner chooses the local charity). The participants and event organisers would like to say a special thanks to Egremont Rugby Union club for hosting this event during these difficult times.