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Corona virus update: Information on how to find help in the area during the outbreak

As the Corona virus (COVID 19) continues to spread and there are to be further social isolations, many people in Egremont parish may need assistance with a lot of issues.
Egremont Town Council would like to highlight and promote the services offered by the following groups to help the most vulnerable in our parish get through this difficult time-

West Cumbria Covid 19 Mutual Aid is a facebook group set up to help those people who need assistance, you can contact them via the facebook page or you can ring them 7 days a week between 9am & 9pm on 0333 33 55 226.
For those looking to help others, the Cumbria County Council is looking for volunteers and volunteer groups to come forward and offer their services via the Cumbria Local Resilience Forum (CLRF) which consists of organisations and agencies involved with emergency responses in our communities. It brings partners together to respond to extraordinary circumstances faced by communities in Cumbria. Full details of the CLRF can be found on Cumbria County Council’s website at: https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/emergencyplanning/crf.asp
If volunteers would prefer to register their services direct, please go on the website at: www.supportcumbria.org.uk

If you require further information, you can contact Egremont Town Council by telephone – 01946820254 or email- egremontmarkethall@outlook.com or via the Town Council website contact page at egremonttowncouncil.co.uk

All your help in these difficult times is much appreciated and very welcome. Thank you.

Important notice: ALL Egremont playparks are closed until further notice due to the Corona outbreak

Today Copeland borough council due to the Corona virus outbreak have had to take the decision to close all of the borough councils playparks- this includes ALL of the playparks in Egremont and Egremont parish, these include-

-Beckgreen skate park

-Beckerment play park

-Briscoe mount playpark

-Ling road playpark

-Moor row playpark

-Orgill playpark

-Thornhill playpark

Please ensure that you follow the government guidelines on social distancing and make sure that you do not use the playparks.

Keep safe everyone. Thank you

Egremont bowling green: April meeting and open day cancelled

Egremont bowling green have unfortunately had to cancel the open day that was due to take place at the bowling green on 4th April. This is due to the continuing Corona virus out break and is done according to the National government guidelines op containing the virus.

For details regarding playing at the bowling club and other activities please contact Alan Hall –Secretary, Egremont Town Bowling Club on -Tel. 07760 23611  or the town council office on  -Tel. 01946 820254 for further details 

The Bowling green committee have also had to cancel the meeting on  April 1st also due the  government guidelines on controlling the virus outbreak.

Important notice: To all allotment holders

To all allotment holders the allotment rents are due from the 1st of April for Sandholes, Bridge End and East Road.

However in the current circumstances the town council request that all tenants are asked to pay by Bacs wherever possible or to send a cheque by post, or post through the letter box. 
The town council office is currently not available  to residents to attend . This is to prevent the spread of the COVID 19(corona virus) from spreading. The town council would like to thank all allotment holders for their understanding and cop-operation during this difficult time.

Lowes court gallery- Important notice

Thank you to all supporters of the Gallery and to visitors
A important update on you on how Lowes court are to help the situation in regards to the COVID-19 situation.

It will be no surprise to hear that we have taken the decision to temporarily close Lowes Court Gallery. You will be aware that we are staffed by volunteers and a number are already self-isolating in line with medical advice.

During this period of closure Lowes court will make every effort to respond to emails and telephone enquiries in a timely fashion.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Thank you
Cllr Neil Ferguson- Town council chairperson

Changes to this Friday’s Farmer’s market

The Farmers market this  Friday 20th March is till to go ahead with a smaller version than normal.

Locally produced goods will be on sale.
We are keen to support our local Cumbrian producers at this difficult time, and hope customers will come and support them too.
There will be no refreshments provided for customers- this is in order to reduce social interactions and the chance of spreading covid19.
Hand washing facilities will be available in the entrance to the hall and we ask that at all customers use them.
Stall holders will observe strict hygiene.
Market will start at 9.30am and will close earlier than usual at 12.00 noon.
Stall holders who are able to attend are:-

Shaw Meats
Creative Seafoods, Local Fish Delivery,
Kick-Ass Cheese,
Mrs.Baker’s Bakes,
Pie Demand,
Helens Herbs,
Fair trade foods,
Felted and Fleece, and Hillgreen Design.

If you  want to order anything please contact Helen 07901790734 or the businesses direct. They will be happy to deliver.

Corona virus- Urgent update: No public to attend tonight’s Egremont town council meeting

In light of the advice and guidelines given today by the National government and the National association of local councils Egremont town council has decided that only council staff and local councillors to attend tonight’s  the town council meeting.
We advise that anyone needing help, advise or to discuss other issues to please email the town council at egremontmarkethall@outlook.com- or phone the town council office- 01946-820254.

Corona virus- URGENT update: Email or Phone the town council office ONLY

In light of the advice and guidelines given today by the National government and the National association of local councils  Egremont town council has decided that only council staff and local councillors can enter the town council office.

We advise that anyone needing help, advise or to discuss other issues to please email the town council at egremontmarkethall@outlook.com– or phone the town council office- 01946-820254.

We are sorry to have to close the office to the general public but in light of the continuing spread of the Corona virus we are unable to allow access in case of possible contamination

The town council thanks you for your cooperation during this worrying time and we hope to open the office to the public in the very near future.

We will continue to update you on the issue and will reopen the office As soon as is possible. Thank you.

Moor row road works update: Motorists are putting lives in danger by moving road closed signs to drive their vehicles through.

Motorists are putting lives in danger by moving road closed signs to drive their vehicles through.
The road from the end of Dalzell Street, at a bridge, to the crossroads just before Padstow near Keekle was completely closed by Cumbria County Council on Monday until at least March 20, while pothole repairs and subsidence work is carried out.
There is no access from Moor Row to Galemire and Keekle during this time, though there is a pedestrian access route and cyclists can dismount and walk through.

Some people are ignoring the road closure signs and continuing to drive through, endangering residents and Highways workers.
Copeland borough and Egremont town Councillor Graham Calvin, for Moor Row and Bigrigg, is concerned there is going to be a serious accident.
He said the route is commonly used as a rat run for Sellafield traffic, especially at about 5pm, and motorists have still been pouring through the village, even moving road closed signs out of the way to continue their journey.

The Moor Row road runs parallel to the A595 and is a popular alternative route for motorists.
He said: “When people see a sign that has been put there for the safety of people working on the road and for the safety of residents, can they please think of other residents and Highways staff and use an alternative route.
“If anyone has an accident and they have been warned the road is closed they would not be insured.”
He urged people to use the alternative signed routes: “There are two alternative routes to head north – around Woodend Road by Cleator Moor or the A595. Please use these and stay safe.”
Mr Calvin added: “I know the police force is stretched, but if there was a police presence there at about 5pm I think it would make a difference.
“People are not prepared to wait. It is dangerous to those working and as there is a right to still walk through, it’s very dangerous for pedestrians.”
He said on Monday a woman walking her dog on the way to a nearby vets was narrowly missed as a car sped past her at 60mph. She was not expecting traffic to be on the road, as it was supposed to be closed.

Other Dalzell Street residents have voiced their concerns.
Kay Todd said: “I’d like them to be made aware it’s shut for three weeks, can they not read? The road is closed. Somebody is going to be seriously injured.”
Elizabeth Wilkinson said: “They go flying down the road knowing nothing is coming in the other direction. I am fearing for the lives of children and animals.”
“Cars come speeding past, usually from Sellafield traffic. I stood here this morning and there was three went over the bridge and had to turn around, they got so far and had to turn around and come back.
“Yesterday they actually moved the barriers at about 3.15pm.”
Dawn Blacklock said she also feared for her children’s safety and claims someone almost took off her wing mirror when they were forced to turn around.
Bill Hodgson said: “If it says closed it should mean closed.”
Pat and Roger Fletcher said: “It affects everybody, that barrier should be all across the road to stop people.
Roger added: “They speed down the road and they are virtually taking off going over that bridge.”
A Cumbria County Council spokesman said: “Advisory signage is a legal requirement for the traffic management of any and all works on the highway. Drivers can be prosecuted by police for failing to comply with road signage.

“We would like to remind motorists that road closures are in place for the safety of motorists as well as the team working on the highway.”