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Egremont foodbank receive much need funding thanks to the local supply chain

  Egremont foodbank today received a Cheque from David Ward & colleagues who work for Morgan Sindall.Their generous cash donation will help to continue the great work that Egremont Foodbank provide for the most vulnerable people during these difficult timesEgremont chairperson- Cllr Neil Ferguson hands over the cheque for David Ward

Egremont comes together to deliver Easter cheer

Egremont Town Council would like to thank Sharon Smith for donating Easter Eggs that the Egremont fire fighters distributed around Egremont and the surrounding areas over the Easter weekend.

  Sharon and her family made their fantastic  contribution which all in Egremont Town Council willingly matched.

This is what Egremont is all about, coming together and supporting each other during difficult times. Helping to keep each other upbeat and sharing fun.

COVID update: COPELAND Council is informing residents of its Bank Holiday weekend arrangements.

Household recycling and waste collections scheduled on April 10 (Good Friday) will be collected as normal. All collections scheduled for the week April 13 (Easter Monday) will be one day later than normal. This includes a Saturday collection for those due on Friday, April 17.

Residents are reminded that the garden waste collections have not resumed due to staffing levels in relation to the current pandemic.  

The following out-of-hours emergency numbers are available during this time:

Homelessness – 01946 427070

Dangerous structures – 01946 427121

Flooding – 01946 427171

Please be reminded that all Copeland Council offices, The Beacon Museum, and Distington Hall Crematorium offices and Chapel of Remembrance, remain closed to the public due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Copeland council would like to remind residents that an emergency support service has been setup for people in Copeland at high risk of becoming seriously ill and who do not have support available from friends, family or neighbours. The telephone support line is available on 0800 783 1966, or residents can email COVID19support@cumbria.gov.uk.

Corona virus update: Important information

Over the last few days  volunteers from all over the parish  have been have  delivering leaflets to every home in Bigrigg, Egremont & Moor row. Fantastic work by all who have helped and many thanks.

Thornhill and some outlying homes will also have the leaflets delivered to them and posters are going onto lamp posts around the main streets and on some estates.

Here is  the emergency telephone number- 0800 783 1966 Mon- Fri 9am to 5pm & 10am to 2pm during weekends.

The email address is –COVID19support@cumbria.gov.uk

Thank you all for continuing to remain vigilant and for keeping to the government guidelines and keeping safe.

Thank you all again

Corona virus update: Information on how to find help in the area during the outbreak

As the Corona virus (COVID 19) continues to spread and there are to be further social isolations, many people in Egremont parish may need assistance with a lot of issues.
Egremont Town Council would like to highlight and promote the services offered by the following groups to help the most vulnerable in our parish get through this difficult time-

West Cumbria Covid 19 Mutual Aid is a facebook group set up to help those people who need assistance, you can contact them via the facebook page or you can ring them 7 days a week between 9am & 9pm on 0333 33 55 226.
For those looking to help others, the Cumbria County Council is looking for volunteers and volunteer groups to come forward and offer their services via the Cumbria Local Resilience Forum (CLRF) which consists of organisations and agencies involved with emergency responses in our communities. It brings partners together to respond to extraordinary circumstances faced by communities in Cumbria. Full details of the CLRF can be found on Cumbria County Council’s website at: https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/emergencyplanning/crf.asp
If volunteers would prefer to register their services direct, please go on the website at: www.supportcumbria.org.uk

If you require further information, you can contact Egremont Town Council by telephone – 01946820254 or email- egremontmarkethall@outlook.com or via the Town Council website contact page at egremonttowncouncil.co.uk

All your help in these difficult times is much appreciated and very welcome. Thank you.

Important notice: ALL Egremont playparks are closed until further notice due to the Corona outbreak

Today Copeland borough council due to the Corona virus outbreak have had to take the decision to close all of the borough councils playparks- this includes ALL of the playparks in Egremont and Egremont parish, these include-

-Beckgreen skate park

-Beckerment play park

-Briscoe mount playpark

-Ling road playpark

-Moor row playpark

-Orgill playpark

-Thornhill playpark

Please ensure that you follow the government guidelines on social distancing and make sure that you do not use the playparks.

Keep safe everyone. Thank you