Update on the Governments new COVID 19 regulation



The NHS COVID-19 app is currently being trialed and will launch on
Thursday 24 September in England and Wales, including QR check- in at

 QR codes will be an important way for NHS Test and Trace in
England and NHS Test, Trace, Protect in Wales to contact multiple
people if coronavirus outbreaks are identified in venues
Businesses across England and Wales like pubs, restaurant s,
hairdressers and cinemas are being urged to ensure they have NHS QR
code posters visible on entry so customers who have downloade d the new
NHS COVID-19 app can use their smartphones to easily check- in.
The move comes ahead of a national launch of the NHS COVID-19 app
across England and Wales on Thursday 24 September.
The government will be supporting business es and venues to display the
QR codes, which can be downloaded via a website to display as posters in

Following the launch of the new COVID-19 app, customers and visitors in
England will be able to check- in on entry with their phone instead of
filling out a check- in book or tool specific to a business. This will allow
NHS Test and Trace to contact customers with public health advice
should there be a COVID-19 outbreak.

In England, using QR codes will help businesses meet the new legal
requirement to record the contact details of customers, visitors and staff
on their premises.

With coronavirus cases rising in the UK in the last few weeks it is
essential business es capitalize on the benefits QR codes can bring to
protect themselves and their customers.

When someone enters a venue and scans an official QR poster, the venue
information will be logged on the user’s phone. This information will stay
on a user’s phone for 21 days and if during that time a coronavirus
outbreak is identified at a location, the venue ID in question will be sent
to all devices. The device will check if users have been at that location
and if the app finds a match, users may get an alert with advice on what
to do based on the level of risk.

The more people download and use the NHS COVID-19 app, the more it
will help us to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
With COVID-19 cases rising again across the country, the NHS COVID-19
app is a useful tool to have in the toolbox, alongside the other measures,
to combat the rise in infections.

Businesses are just one sector to be urged to use the NHS Test and Trace
system. Universities, hospitals, leisure premises, civic centres and
libraries will also be urged to display posters in communal areas such as
cafes where people are likely to congregate for more than 15 minutes
and in close proximity.

Stagecoach are changing the local bus services from 1st November -New time tables

We have been advised by Stagecoach that they will be making major revisions to their network in West Cumbria from 2 November

Listed below are full details of changes, if you are unsure of the effect on your area, please contact me and I will provide more specific information


I have included links to the current and new timetables


Service 1 : Whitehaven : Bransty – Parton – Lowca

  • Will be split and become a standalone Lowca to Whitehaven service
  • Mirehouse journeys will be served by an enhanced service 3/3A
  • 18:00 bus Lowca to Whitehaven will no longer run
  • Limited Sunday timetable is revised
  • Will run from Lowther Street not Strand Street


Current Timetable

Service 1 Timetable from 2 November

Service 3 Timetable (Mirehouse) from 2 November


Service 2 : Whitehaven – Kells

  • Will run from Lowther Street rather than Stand Street
  • Times revised
  • Extra very early morning trip (replaces withdrawn 300)
  • Last afternoon bus is at 17:35 rather than 17:50 – evening unchanged
  • Time of morning 2A Monkwray school bus revised. Will fit with later start for younger pupils but not older pupils
  • Sunday service revised – extra trip and 2 hourly timetable


Current Timetable

Timetable from 2 November


Service 3 : Whitehaven – Mirehouse

  • Currently hourly will become half hourly to replace withdrawn extension of 1 (buses run in clockwise / anticlockwise loops)
  • Will only run from the Town Centre, so will no longer serves Tesco (which had limited usage).
  • Will run from Lowther Street rather than Strand Street
  • Timetable has buses on the two routes departing from Lowther Street 3 minutes apart and from Mirehouse Shops 2 minutes apart. Which effectively reduces the service from Mirehouse shops to around every half hour rather than current every fifteen minutes.

This has been discussed with Stagecoach management, but they are unable to include a better frequency within the schedule

  • Limited Sunday service revised timetable


Current Timetable

Timetable from 2 November


Service 29 : Workington – Lillyhall – Workington

  • Replaces Services 300 / 301 (see below)


Current 300/302 Timetable South of Workington

Timetable from 2 November


Service 30 : Maryport – Thornhill via Workington and Whitehaven

  • Extra evening and Sunday journeys replacing current 301 (see below)
  • College Day only journey to/from Seascale will no longer run (current timetable)
  • Earlier journeys on Saturdays between Whitehaven and Thornhill 
  • Earlier journeys on Saturdays between Maryport and Workington
  • Service 31 journeys (see below) will be re-numbered 30


Current Timetable (Maryport – Whitehaven)

Current Timetable (Whitehaven – Egremont)

Timetable from 2 November (Maryport – Whitehaven)

Timetable from 2 November (Whitehaven – Egremont)

Timetable from 2 November (Whitehaven – Frizington)


Service 31 : Maryport – Frizington via Workington and Whitehaven

  • Will be re-numbered 30

(concerns about confusion in Whitehaven with services with the same service number going to both Thornhill and Frizington have been discussed with Stagecoach)

  • In Workington the route will be revised to follow the direct route followed by the Service 30, along Mossbay Road instead of Moorclose (which will get extra journeys on the new service 52 (was 46))
  • Earlier journeys on Saturdays between Whitehaven and Frizington
  • Extra Sunday journey which will become 2 hourly throughout most of day
  • Journeys to/from Asby will no longer run


Current 31 Timetable (Whitehaven – Frizington)

Timetable from 2 November (Whitehaven – Frizington)


Service 32 : Egremont – Whitehaven via Cleator and Cleator Moor

  • The current suspension of the 32 will become a permanent withdrawal
  • All points are served by other buses except Cleator, which has no other service
  • This service did offer a direct link to the West Cumberland Hospital from Cleator Moor (passengers will need to change from 31 to 30 on Inkerman Terrace in Whitehaven)
  • The service also offered a link for out of hours travel for pupils in Cleator Moor who attend West Lakes Academy in Egremont


Service 46 : Workington – Salterbeck and Harrington

  • Re-numbered 52
  • Frequency drops from 3 to 2 buses an hour
  • Will run into/out of Workington via the current 31 route via Moorclose (so will no longer serves Mossbay Road which will instead get extra journeys on 30 (was 31).
  • In Salterbeck all journeys will run on current Service 46 route (i.e. no longer will run anti-clockwise on Service 46A route).
  • Will interwork across town centre with old service 47 (also re-numbered 52)
  • Sunday service will be reduced from every 60 to 90 minutes, and will follow weekday 52 route


Current 46 Timetable

Service 52 timetable from 2 November


Service 47 Workington – Seaton

  • Re-numbered 52
  • Frequency drops from 3 to 2 buses an hour
  • Linked to old service 46 to Salterbeck to become through cross town service


Current 47 Timetable

Service 52 timetable from 2 November


Service 50/51 : Workington – Mirehouse

  • Route unchanged and frequency unchanged but times revised
  • Sunday service will be reduced from every 60 to 90 minutes. It will additionally serve Morrisons (but return times are poor – this has been discussed with Stagecoach)


Current Timetable

Timetable from 2 November


Service 52 : Seaton – Workington – Salterbeck – Harrington

  • New Service : Replaces Services 46 / 46A / 47 (see above)


Timetable from 2 November


Service 57 : Maryport Town Service

  • Renumbered M1
  • Will run to current Saturday timetable with first journey weekday journey at 0950 (was 0850) and last at 13:50 (was 1420)
  • Will be run with a 16 seat minibus (from Sellafield contract) [the implementation of this may be delayed due to Social Distancing restrictions]


Current 57 Timetable

Service M1 Timetable from 2 November


Service 300 : Carlisle – Whitehaven via Wigton, Aspatria, Maryport and Workington

  • The route will be split at Workington, with the 300 only running Carlisle between Workington
  • A separate 29 (replacing 300 and 302 journeys) running Workington – Whitehaven will maintain current frequency (see above)
  • Anyone from South of Workington wishing to travel North of Maryport will need to change buses (those travelling to Maryport still have a through service on the 30/31 every 15 minutes)
  • Early morning trip from Kells will be replaced by an extra Service 2 journey


Current 300 Timetable

Service 300 Timetable from 2 November (Workington – Carlisle)

Service 29 Timetable from 2 November (Workington – Whitehaven via Lillyhall)


Service 301 : Carlisle – Whitahaven via Wigton, Aspatria, Maryport and Workington

  • North of Workington becomes 300
  • South of Workington will be replaced by extra 30 journeys


Current 300 Timetable (including 301)

Service 30 Timetable from 2 November (Workington – Whitehaven via Harrington)


Service 302 : Workington – Lillyhall – Distington – Whitehaven

  • Replaced by new 29
  • All will serve Joseph Noble Road (currently most 300 journeys do not)
  • Will only serve Distington at peak times, (the off-peak 300 already by-passes Distington)

Workers at Lillyhall (not served by the 30/31) will still have a direct service at peak times.

Distington has a 15 minutes frequency service 30 to both Workington and Whitehaven


Current 302 Timetable (including 300)

Service 29 Timetable from 2 November


Service M1 : Maryport Town Service

  • Replaces Services 57 (see above)


Current 57 Timetable

Service M1 Timetable from 2 November

Dalzell Street, Moor row: Temporary road closure

A temporary road closure has been put in place to allow BT Openreach to carry out utility repair works which are expected to take place 7th August between the hours of 0930 – 1530 and are anticipated to take 1 day to complete.

Please see below details of the extents of the closure and alternative route and a location plan clearly showing the extents of the road closure and diversion route can be found on one.network via link https://one.network/?tm=118099281 

Location: Dalzell Street Moor Row, from its junction with Scalegill Road for an approx. distance of 1.4km in a south easterly direction.

Alternative Route: A way for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists will be made available at all times and a suitabel alternative route for vehicles will be signed and made available via Scalegill Road, A595,A5086 and C4022.

Should you require any further information relating to this temporary order please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Laura McClellan

Traffic Management Officer | Traffic Management Team

Highways Assets and Strategy | Highways and Transport

Economy and Infrastructure Directorate

Cumbria County Council

Lillyhall Depot | Joseph Noble Road | Lillyhall | Workington | Cumbria | CA14 4JH

Lowes Court to reopen -27th July

Lowes Court are planning to open from Tues 28th July.

This is for three days a week initially: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 1pm for customers.


 The last half an hour from 1pm to 1.30 pm is for our exhibitors to make deliveries and collections by appointment only.
  This is to ensure that when deliveries and collections are made we can make sure there are no other customers on the premises, as we need to manage the number of people in the Gallery at any one time, to safeguard everyone. 

  We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


Exhibitors will need to contact us by email at lowescourt@gmail.com to book an appointment to either bring in new stock or collect old stock 

Farmers market returns- Friday 17th July in the market hall

Egremont’s fair trade farmers market returns on Friday 17th July. 

The market will open at 10am and close at 12 noon.

There will not be any refreshments available served or any entertainment and there will only be 10 stalls and a limited number of persons allowed in the market hall at any one time.

There will be someone on the doors to control access and take details, a need to sanitize hands, control of numbers to the toilets and a one way system.

You must keep to the 2 meter social distancing at all times and markers will indicate where.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Thank you


Changes to this Friday’s Farmer’s market

The Farmers market this  Friday 20th March is till to go ahead with a smaller version than normal.

Locally produced goods will be on sale.
We are keen to support our local Cumbrian producers at this difficult time, and hope customers will come and support them too.
There will be no refreshments provided for customers- this is in order to reduce social interactions and the chance of spreading covid19.
Hand washing facilities will be available in the entrance to the hall and we ask that at all customers use them.
Stall holders will observe strict hygiene.
Market will start at 9.30am and will close earlier than usual at 12.00 noon.
Stall holders who are able to attend are:-

Shaw Meats
Creative Seafoods, Local Fish Delivery,
Kick-Ass Cheese,
Mrs.Baker’s Bakes,
Pie Demand,
Helens Herbs,
Fair trade foods,
Felted and Fleece, and Hillgreen Design.

If you  want to order anything please contact Helen 07901790734 or the businesses direct. They will be happy to deliver.