Flood chairperson need- Are you interested?

Cumbria strategic flood group

In the immediate aftermath of the December 2015 floods, the Secretary of State announced the formation of the Cumbria Floods Partnership, and government agreed to invest more money in flood risk management across Cumbria.
In 2017 a new Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership was formed, bringing together the flood Risk Management Authorities including Environment Agency, Cumbria County Council, District Councils, and United Utilities and a wide range of representatives from other organisations and community groups who have an interest or responsibility for flood risk management.
We are looking for an impartial Chair who will help strengthen and improve the partnership ensuring that communities are central to all our work. A new chairperson would build on and maintain strong relationships with representatives and stakeholders from a wide range of organisations and community groups.
Please go to the News section of our website:
for more details of this opportunity and how you can apply.

Briefing sessions for prospective election candidates

Briefing sessions for prospective election candidates 0

COPELAND Borough Council is holding a series of briefing sessions for prospective candidates in the upcoming local elections.

Prospective candidates, election agents and parish clerks are invited to the guidance sessions ahead of the May 2 mayoral, borough council and town/parish council elections.

In addition to discussing the election process and timetable, council officers will also talk about the roles and responsibilities of councillors. Information packs will be available.

The sessions will take place on:

– Thursday, February 28, 1pm, in the Bainbridge Room, Copeland Centre, Whitehaven
– Thursday, February 28, 5pm, in Millom Network Centre
– Thursday, March 7, 5pm, in the Bainbridge Room, Copeland Centre, Whitehaven

Those planning to attend one of the sessions are asked to confirm in advance to Stephanie Shaw, Electoral and Democratic Services Manager, on 01946 598535 or elections@copeland.gov.uk. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend a session but would like th

Help for the homeless over the festive period

Help for the homeless

over the festive period

COPELAND Borough Council is urging residents who are at risk of becoming homeless over the Christmas period to get in touch.

Early intervention is key for those at risk of homelessness with council staff able to provide the help and support needed to prevent residents becoming homeless.

Since April 2018 the Council’s housing team has prevented 58 households from losing their homes and has secured permanent accommodation for 82 residents who were homeless.  The team has also provided temporary accommodation for 26 households. 

Public authorities are also being reminded of their duty to refer service users who they think may be homeless or threatened with homelessness to local authority housing options teams.

The council works with many different groups, individuals and partners in a variety of ways because the causes of homelessness are so wide-ranging. Many people become homeless due to a relationship breakdown with their co-habiting partners.

One of the main reasons for under-24s becoming homeless is being asked to leave the family home by parents who can no longer cope, so the council mediates with the parents, offering specialist support. It also encourages parents to allow young people at risk of becoming homeless to stay at home whilst back-up support is given to help them all to work on the relationship breakdown.

Another reason for potential homelessness is that people are facing eviction and so the council works with landlords to negotiate tenancy breaches, such as high levels of rent arrears, and to put payment plans in place.

It also assists people to access the practical help and support they need to manage their tenancies better, for example, debt management.

We urge anyone who thinks they may become homeless to get in touch as soon as possible on 01900 598300 or by emailing info@copeland.gov.uk.”

The Council’s housing team provides 24-hour advice and support over the Christmas period for emergency cases of homelessness.

The offices will be closed from 1pm on December 24 until 9am on January 2. To contact the housing team in cases of emergency during this time call 01900 598300 and press option two.


Bigrigg’s silent soldier has gone missing

Bigrigg’s silent soldier has gone missing

The Silent soldier that was place at the entrance to Bigrigg missing, it is thought to have been stolen.

The soldiers have been placed all over Copeland by both Copeland borough council and town parish councils to mark the centenary of the great war.

It is a great shame that someone or persons have decided to remove the soldier.

If you or anyone you know has any knowledge of where the silent soldier has gone please phone the Egremont town council on 019468202540 or email- egremontmarkethall@outlook.com

Budget consultation -Copeland borough council asks whats your local priorities?

Budget consultation

Copeland borough council asks

what are your local priorities?

On Thursday November 15th Copeland borough council launched this years budget consultation for 2019/20.

All councils have had significant reductions made to their operating budgets and have to find even more saving s over the next fiscal year. The borough council  has to find £500,000 worth of saving s whilst still performing their duties.


Please look at the consultation and return it to the council so they know where you would prioritise borough council expenditure

Moor row road safety improvements, still a chance to have your say

Moor row road safety improvements

still a chance to have your say


The Scalegill road speed ramps consultation will soon be ending.

   Cumbria county council launched the Moor row road safety – Scalegill road speed ramps was launched on Monday October 22nd.

The plans are to have several speed humps installed along the full stretch of Scalegill road to help slow traffic as they enter or exit the village– especially as traffic passes Moor row school.

The consultation is soon to end so if you haven’t committed your opinions please do so by Saturday November 17th.

Volunteer wanted to run the Volunteer car scheme- it could be you!

Volunteer wanted

to run the Volunteer car scheme

Unfortunately the volunteer car scheme is no longer operational in Whitehaven, Egremont and Cleator Moor area at the moment. A volunteer is needed to come forward and co-ordinator to be found – if you know of anyone or if you are interested, the number to ring for more information is Katy on 07788 396194


Beacon poster boards- available to any groups

Whitehaven’s the Beacon

have poster boards

of various areas in Copeland

free to use

The Beacon Museum currently has hundreds of information boards in storage. They have been used as part of exhibitions in the past and display pictures and captions to tell the story of a local point of interest, an individual or an artefact. Some have Copeland-wide interest and some are relevant to a particular area.

We feel that it’s a waste to have them in storage and think that it would be great if we could get them out and about in community venues. Is there anywhere in your parish that might be able to host one or more of these boards so they can be enjoyed by the wider public? There’s various shapes and sizes and the majority can be hung on walls.

Let me know if you have any ideas.


Andrew Clarke
Communications and Engagement Manager
Tel: 01946 598353
Mob: 07880997246
Email: Andrew.clarke@copeland.gov.uk