Moor row speed bumps- Update

Please find attached a copy of the letter concerning the proposed installation of 7 road humps along Scalegill Road, Moor Row along with the associated location plan and legal notice.

Should you wish to comment in any capacity or formally object to the proposed Order, please send the grounds for your objection in writing to D Roberts, Executive Director – Corporate, Customer & Community Services, Cumbria House, Carlisle, CA1 1RD or by emailing, by 26 June 2019.

Kind regards,

Ben Carter

Traffic Management Technician | Traffic Management Team

Highways, Transport & Fleet | Economy and Infrastructure Directorate

Cumbria County Council

Lillyhall Depot | Joseph Noble Road | Lillyhall | Workington | Cumbria | CA14 4JH

Council issues ‘don’t feed the seagulls’ plea

THE seagull nesting season is still underway and Copeland residents are being urged not to feed the birds.

Nesting gulls can be particularly aggressive and have been known to swoop on people if their nests are nearby. They also spread litter around and can be noisy.

Copeland Council is asking residents and visitors not to feed the birds to deter them from nuisance behaviour.
Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, said: “We know it is tempting to throw scraps for the gulls, but it does increase their numbers, as they will go wherever there is food.

“It also encourages them to become too familiar with humans and this is exacerbated in nesting season, when the gulls may become protective of their young. It’s the price we pay for living in such a beautiful coastal location, but there are things we can do to lessen the problem.”

Copeland Council has a leaflet on the subject which can be found at It explains the laws on seagulls, and describes measures that can be taken to deter them, including eliminating their food sources.
During nesting season, the law says the nests and eggs must be left alone, but once the season is over property owners can take measures to prevent birds from nesting again next year. 

Friends of the Lake district 85th Anniversary appeal

At 3:15pm on Sunday 17th June 1934 a group of passionate people met in Fitz Park Keswick and launched a small association with the aims of preserving beauty and local architectural traditions, safeguarding public access, and creating a national park. This was the birth of Friends of the Lake District.

Eighty five years later, and thousands of supporters stronger, we may no longer be required to campaign for the creation of a national park, but we are needed now more than ever as a strong, clear voice for the landscape.

With few genuinely tranquil places to retreat to in the UK, it is no wonder that over 20 million people annually come to the Lake District – a figure which is growing year on year. At the same time, climate change increasingly threatens our environment and habitats, upland farming faces an uncertain future and pressure for man-made developments continues to grow.

Our 85th Anniversary Appeal will help ensure we can remain proactive and find innovate ways to protect our fragile landscapes, safeguard our cultural heritage and fight inappropriate developments.

Important as it is, we do not only address the relentless threats facing the Lake District. Much of our work is positive.  We repair dry stone walls, maintain footpaths, educate our future landscape guardians, and inspire others to seek and find the tranquillity, peace and awe that lie within those valleys, on those fells, and by the becks, tarns and lakes we all hold in our hearts.

Together we have more power and influence than ever before and our voice is louder and more prominent. A donation to our 85th Anniversary Appeal will help ensure that we can continue to make a difference to what matters most to our landscapes and the people who love them.

It is thanks to our determined founders and early members that the protection of the Lake District was enshrined in law. These landscapes truly belong to the nation and will continue to be treasured. We can’t thank those dedicated men and women enough for all they did for the Lake District back then; what we can do now, in their name and in yours, is continue the vital work they started.

Parish council AGM: Chairpersons remarks

Chairpersons Report 2019/2020

This year has again brought many challenges. Being elected to chair the council the first time has been a great honour and I hope over the last year I have improved my performance. Following on from the previous chairs- Cllrs Mike McVeigh and Lena Hogg is difficult as they have so much experience and knowledge. I have benefited greatly from their advise and help in many issues. We have said a farewell to former councillor Leigh Mossop who had to retire due to ill health and would like to again thank him for his hard work and dedication and we have gained a new councillor in Ryan Fitzwilliam and welcomed him to the council.
After the recent elections saw the boundaries change so we now have only two within the parish -North and South wards. The council retained the excellent works of Ryan Fitzwilliam, Tom Higgins, Lena Hogg, Jean Lewthwaite, Mike McVeigh, Sam Pollen, Wilf Sibson and of course myself – we now have had to say bood bye to two more councillors- Jacqui Smith and John Burns. I wish to thank them both for the work they have done in their time on the council. The council has gained two more new additions Graham Calvin and Steven Bell. I give them congratulations and welcome them in joining us and look forward to working with them in the future.
We have commemorated the 100th anniversary of the great war. The armistice celebrations though sombre were all well attended. We place our own display of flowing poppies, silent soldiers and Neslon planted a display for the RAF opposite the cemetery. Moor row also commemorated the centenary with an amazing wall mural.
The town council is lucky to have excellent and dedicated staff which once again managed us through difficult but also many positive issues.
There have been new challenges facing all businesses apart from the usual of sickness and injuries – the implementation of the GDPR ‘general data protection regulations and a data base for the information which meant we have had to take on another member of staff and now there are new regulations for cemeteries and burials to implement also. We have also had to raise the towns precept – That’s the allowance the council receives from the council tax. We have had to do this in response to the continued government austerity which means many of the tasks that both county and borough councils can no longer perform have to be done by town or parish councils.
I have no doubt we will be able to solve these issues and any further problems with the help of the fantastic staff that we have and run the council as efficiently in the future as we have in the past.
Now here are some of our successes – and future challenges from over the past year.

Once again the Jubilee Garden won an award from Cumbria in Bloom, it was the outstanding award – Top award for the 4th time in a row.
We must thank again the hard work and amazing dedication of our Cemetery curator- Nelson Shepherd. Without Nelson we would not have such an fantastic cemetery which is the pride of community. The cemetery receives many accolades from afar but it is the accolades from near that mean the most and all of the parishioners say the same that the grounds always look fantastic. Nelson has recently constructed a greenhouse so he can grow plants for the cemetery instead of the council having to always purchase them. This once again shows how fortunate we are to have him working for us.
Thank you again Nelson

Market Hall
The Market hall had seen many improvements the previous year – a new kitchen, flooring, work tops in the supper room, new windows and lighting as well as security system. We are looking to improve the market again with extending the WI-FI coverage to encompass the whole building and to have possible air conditioning units or fans fitted.
The hall is still well used and this year we have many different types of classes including dog training, dance, fitness, martial arts and self-defence as well as event like Crab fair, Chrstmas and furs n feathers.
The stage looks great with a new mural painted on the rear wall. The mural of the castle gate house really sets the feel of the main hall and all who see it say how lovely it is.
There are challenges however. The main challenge is that whilst we have regular users who contribute well we don’t have enough bookings- this is not only our problem but a nation wide problem with many clubs being underused or even closing but hopefully with our continued investment and dedicated staff we can attract more to fantastic hall, hopefully we can widen our scope and include more dinners, weddings and conferences.
Our hall caretaker – Lee Groves continues to do a great job in maintaining the facility. His continued diligence and works mean that we can continue to cover the events and workshop that already take place and hopefully we can gain even more.
Thanks again Lee.

All allotments can be challenging but Sandholes is on its own.
Last year alone we erected -twice, cut back both sides of the embankment and had a major water leak. Over the last year there hasn’t been as many issues – we have once again filled the potholes on the entry road but the biggest problem is that many holders having asbestos and other such thing hidden from view as well as major fly tipping. These cost the council much money. whilst it is no problem for us to solve these it is a waste of recourses and hopefully won’t continue.
Pest control has continued to carry out monthly visits. it appears that having them monthly has worked and certainly there has been less reports of rat sightings. Ee have recently changed these visits to quarterly however this can be increased in the rats return.
East Road Site
Last year we improved the access road to East Road allotment site with tarmac. We had a issue with weeds growing throughout this has since been resolved. Many allotments have been underworked and unfortunately through ill health many have become vacant. Hopefully all new tenants will work the plots has diligently as the previous as the site has always been well maintained and has always looked lovely.
Bridge End Site
Like east road the Bridge end site has seen an increase in the number of vacant plots due to tenants ill health. This has meant that this normally beautiful and well maintained site has become less so. We have also had many issues regarding waste collecting on perimeter hedges as well as a rabbit infestation We have had a major issue in regard to the boundary wall which is now being resolved with the help of CBC.
The allotment and garage rents have remained the same.
-£50.00 per allotment
-£65.00 per Garage
-There are no planned increases for 2020/2021
Calderwood House are once again given free rent for a plot on the East Road Site.

Bowling Green
The bowling green and its members continue to work hard to attract new members to join the club and this will hopefully be encourage by its increased profine through the school tournament which was into its third year as well as a Councillors vs Bowling Green committee.
I wish the committee Good luck and thank them for the dedication.

Cumbria in Bloom
This is the 3rd year we have entered the town in the competition and as we had done the previous years we achieved great result receiving the Silver-Gilt medal for 2018. Once again this year we aim to achieve even higher awards. Many thanks must gain go to Nelson Sheperd and Geraldine Pritchard for their endevours as well and the works4you/lengthsment team for their hard work and performing miracles especially with the extreme heat last year and ensuring the flowers and plants were so well maintained,
Part of this years Egremont entry will be from the Fire Station who recieved an award also, The Core youth club, Calderwood Allotment, the Bowling Green who deservedly recieved two awards, Bookwell Primary School who also recieved an award and who continue to look over the sensory garden in the castle, St Bridgets and Orgill Schools are also planting the castle this year so hopefully it will be onward and upwards for Egremont in this prestigious competition.

Joint Working
The lengthsman scheme continues to work well. We have continued with our allowance for scheme and the town has certainly benefitted from it. We hope to continue to work in partnership to ensure that the parish remains as attactive as it can be.
The previous year Copeland Pride of Place scheme had been disappointing in that not many businesses took up the offer of up to £5,000 match funding -however this year many of the businesess decided to take part and have now improved their shop frontages and the main street looks the better for it.
The second faze of the scheme began fully from April 2018. The second faze is public relam. Copeland have offered each major town £75,000 with additional funding of £18,000 for designs. Sellafield LTD have match funded the scheme. We have been working with the Copeland team over the last year to first create a scheme and then to implement it. Initial designs haven’t met the criteria the council would like for it to benefit the town and more meetimgs and new designs will be taken into consideration. We hope for a sucessful outcome and much needed investment into the town centre.
The new recycling scheme continues to be a success and the town council continues to help with the issuing of boxes and lids. The main street looks much better for more recycling occuring.
The sellafield Park n Ride scheme began from March 2018. Initially it was a limiited success and further implementation meant more on street and estate parking by worker and staff alike causing problems and endagering the public. Several meetings have taken place and nuch more thought and reassesment from SL regarding the further implementation of the shceme has helped to resolve many of the issues.
There was also the fantastic news of the £8 million flood defence scheme get the go ahead and financing meaning that Egremont estates will now be floodless. There will be new water holding ponds as well as new pipe works for both Skirting and whangs becks and investment into the dilapidated former redgrar sports area.
We have been working will Sellafield ltd on possible further investments into the town and parish and other joint working with the borough council on the town plan as well.
Egremont Town Centre
The dilapidated buildings on the main street continue to stand idle and falling further into disrepair. Former Red lion inn has had to scafolding put in place to hold the frontage up and is set to be demolished, it appears that the former Tommy Kellys store will follow in the same way. This will make it safe but a hole will be in their stead. The toilets remain un opened and falling further into disrepair also has are several other properties. Several more businesess have closed leaving more empty shops. Some good news is that the we have had most of the main street road resurfaced, along with chapel street including the carpark and the road by the castle. The former cinema site is to be developed, the half built works nearby have also shown signs that it will be completed and the CBC public realm scheme will be completed by the end of the year. Getting these new buildings in place, new homes built and completing the public realm will certainly benefit the parish and its residents.
The councillors continue are to carry on with the monthly inspections of the main street and the buildings and highlight issues to the relevant parties, we are determined to keep the pressure on until some improvements are made.
The council completed the refurbishing the poster point (which is well used), the council also replaced several old or damaged litter bins with new ones and painted the street furniture. We continue to work with County Council where needed – especially with street lighting , lamp columns and uneven kerbs and on street parking which continues to pose a danger to the public.
We have continued with the the regular community litter picking, seven this year, which are carried out by dedicated councillors, residents of Calderwood House, staff from the Cooperative stores and other town and parish residents. I would like to thank all who attend these regular events for the hard work and dedication. Without their help the town would not look as good as it does and I hope more events happen again over this next year and into the future to help restore pride in our amazing parish.

Good Citizens Award
The good citizens award for 2018 went to Mr James Pullin for the tireless work he carries out every year selling poppies to raise money for the Royal British Legion doing this despite of his health in all weather conditions.
Best wishes to him and hopefully he can continue to raise funds and awareness for the veterans club.

Grants & Donations
The council has given many grants to a many organisations, clubs and charities over the last year. some small , some larger.
With the sad news that the amenity committee couldn’t find any more funding the Christmas event was the last however the council have taken over the Christmas lights to the cost of £15,000 for three years.
As you can see the council is continuing to move forward – positively and constructively. That it continues to be well managed dedicated to beyond what is needed staff and I would like to thank them all for the effort and commitment -It can’t be said enough-I would like to thank you Nelson, Lee, Geraldine, Cheryl and Nicola. Thanks from all the councillors for all your help, advice and support

Finally I would like to thank my fellow councillors for the support they have shown me over the year.

Thank you all.

Blood donation session in Egremont

Blood donation session in Egremont.

We are holding a blood donation session at  the Market Hall on 31/05/19, there are still appointments available.


Please do share the details of the blood donation session with others through Facebook, your website, newsletters, etc. to help boost appointments and vital stocks.

Help us ensure that patients in our community have the right blood they need, when they need it.
Each unit of blood donated can save up to 3 lives

The full details of the donation session are on the poster attached as an online version (which can be printed as a poster or used on social media)  it could even be emailed to staff, partners and volunteers help improve attendance. 

I hope you can assist us on this matter in raising vital blood stocks.

Moor row Jubilee club receive an award for their dedication

For the last few years Moor Row Jubilee club have worked hard to brighten up Moor Row by installing tubs, planting shrubs and bedding plants to create impressive floral displays within this small village.

Each year the committee work hard to raise funds for their floral provision and it has certainly made Moor Row more visually appealing to residents and visitors alike.

To help the club with their aims to make further improvements, Egremont Town Council’s Chairperson, Neil Ferguson, presented members of the club – John Allonby, Rosalee Baty and Barbara Rennoldson with a cheque for £100 at a recent Town Council Meeting. The members were also congratulated and thanked for their hard work and commitment, which was very much appreciated by all.

The great Cumbria litter pick

The great Cumbria litter pick

On Friday April 26th Egremont community came together to take part in the great Cumbria litter pick.
  It was cold and wet but still many people demonstrated their community spirit and braved the weather.
   The group were joined by local town and borough councillors, members of works4you and Calderwood house.
  Children from Bookwell school, who have attend several of the previous community litter picks attended but the weather meant they couldn’t continue. A special mention must be given to Mr David and  Mrs Christine Collins  who have taken part in many litter picks as well as other community events.

  After a couple of wet hours over 40bags of rubbish and other items were collected leaving the town looking much better despite the drab and wet day. A big thank you to everyone who took part.

The great Cumbria litter pick- Friday 26th April

The great Cumbria litter pick- Friday April 26th

Once again Egremont town council will be participating in the Great Cumbria litter pick.

The event occurs annually and is ran in conjunction with local schools to help spread the initiative and encourage children to take pride in the amazing Cumbrian country side and educate them in looking after their local community.

Egremont town council took part in last years event which was a fantastic day for all involved and the town council have decided to align the community litter pick along side it.

The litter pick will begin at 10am on Friday 26th April. All primary and secondary schools in the area have been invited to take part/ Feel free to come along- all ages and capabilities are welcome.

Litter pickers, Gloves, bags and vests will be available so please come along and help to keep our lovely community clean and looking amazing

Appeal flor Floral Donations

Appeal flor Floral Donations

Egremont Town Council will again be entering our town into the RHS Cumbria in Bloom competition and following on from the success of 2018 when we won a Silver-Gilt award – this year, we are aiming for Gold

Included in our entry will be Egremont Castle which already has the wonderfully planted sensory garden (tended to by Bookwell School children) but also three new flower beds which will be planted up and maintained by the three local primary schools in Egremont – St Bridget’s, Orgill & Bookwell and this will enhance the grounds whilst at the same time, encourage & teach the children about horticulture & the local history.

Some residents will remember when our Castle was awash with colour and was a sight to behold but alas due to a number of factors, the Castle is not what it used to be however Egremont Town Council want to change this and to start the ball rolling, we are asking if any members of the public would be willing to donate a plant/shrub for the entrance bed – preferably perennials to provide a long lasting colourful display throughout the summer. This is sure to make a wonderful gateway to our Castle leading the way to the other flower beds & surrounding areas.

Along with the assistance of our lengthsman, Councillors & staff hope to commence planting at the end of May so people are asked to drop off their plants into the Town Council office any time throughout May – Monday to Friday between 9am – 1pm. You can also deposit them with our curator at Egremont Cemetery.

Egremont Town Council is very proud of its heritage and with the help of annual funding from Lord Egremont (which allows for our lengthsman to maintain the Castle grounds) and the public’s generosity, we hope to help restore our Castle back to its former glory – after all, there are not many towns who can boast of having their own Castle and it is something that should be celebrated.

Egremont bowling club given a help by Egremont town council

Egremont Bowling Green

Egremont Town Council owns the Bowling Green pavilion which sits on Copeland Borough Council’s land for which the Town Council pays an annual rent. The Bowling Green itself, which is available for all the public to use, is managed by the committee of Egremont Town Bowling Club. Last year, thanks to the hard work and commitment of the committee, the green had a total makeover and people can go and sit in the grounds and appreciate the work that has been carried out. It is a great pastime for young and old alike and everyone is more than welcome to visit and have a go.

In 2018 Egremont Town Bowling Green entered the RHS Cumbria in Bloom competition under the category of Visitor Attraction and successfully achieved a Silver Gilt award. As a result of this accomplishment, Egremont Town Council is supporting the committee in this year’s entry by making a donation towards the floral displays and £100 was presented to Mr Alan Hall and Mr Ken Amor by the Town Council Chairperson – Neil Ferguson at the recent Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 19th March

The Bowling Green is sited on Howbank Road and everyone is more than welcome to pop in & have a chat to any of the committee members, they are a friendly bunch and encourage anyone to call in – even if it is to just sit and watch a match being played.

The opening day of the season will be Saturday 6th April 2019, starting at 1.00pm (weather permitting) so why not take a look at what is right on your doorstep and at the same time, enjoy some gentle exercise