A very big thank you to Cllr Leigh Mossop

All the staff and councillors

of Egremont town council

send a very big thank you

to Cllr Leigh Mossop

Cllr Leigh Mossop joined the council in September 2015 and served the parish with great distinction and great diligence unfortunately ill health has forced him to resign from his position.

All members of Egremont town council would like say a really big thank you to Cllr Leigh Mossop for all his hard work and dedication over the last three years and wishing him well for the future.

Councillor position available- Egremont town council

Councillor position available

Egremont town council


There is a position available within Egremont town council for a new councillor.

If you wish to apply for the role as a Egremont town councillor please email the town council clerk at – egremontmarkethall@outlook.com or phone us on 01946820254

or make and appointment at:

Egremont Town Council
Market Hall Offices
Market St
Cumbria CA22 2DF

Rules -5(5) & 5(6) of the local rules act (parish and communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006 provides for a casual vacancy occurring in office or parish councillor within 6 (six) months before which a councillor would regularly have retired, Egremont town council may, as soon as practicable after the expiry of the period of 14days (fourteen) after the date of this notice (i.e. no later than Monday 10th December 2018) co-opt a person to fill the vacancy.


Budget consultation -Copeland borough council asks whats your local priorities?

Budget consultation

Copeland borough council asks

what are your local priorities?

On Thursday November 15th Copeland borough council launched this years budget consultation for 2019/20.

All councils have had significant reductions made to their operating budgets and have to find even more saving s over the next fiscal year. The borough council  has to find £500,000 worth of saving s whilst still performing their duties.


Please look at the consultation and return it to the council so they know where you would prioritise borough council expenditure

Cumbria police- Ask for Angela safety initiative

Cumbria police

Ask for Angela

safety initiative


Bars and pubs across the county have signed up to the Ask for Angela safety initiative.

This is a simple code word campaign for people feeling unsafe when on a date. It encourages people to discreetly ask for help by going to the bar and Ask for Angela – a phrase aimed at alerting staff for help so they can defuse a situation.

Once alerted, the person is taken aside or to a safe location so they can speak in confidence about what help they may need. Staff can then call a taxi, contact their friends or family or direct the individual out of the venue via an alternative exit.

More information available here: https://goo.gl/2Y54xz

Egremont Amenity group help Egremont mark the Armistice comemorations

Egremont Amenity group

help Egremont mark

the Armistice commemorations

The Armistice centenary is upon us- Sunday 11th November will see the whole country come together to honour the fallen and the brave who have fought for the country in the past, the present and into the future.

Egremont parish is lucky to have a group of citizens who work quietly in the background known as the Egremont Amenity Committee.

The group was formed 7yrs ago to help make the parish Christmas lights and celebrations better and modern

The group comprises former borough, town and mayor Margaret Woodburn, Doreen Platt, the town council’s clerk Geraldine Pritchard, former Borough, town and mayor Elaine Woodburn MBE , Borough and town councillor Sam Pollen and former town councillor Gareth Stringer.

Egremont town council work closely with the group when needed, when the Committee came up with the idea of combining the Christmas Tree with the 100year memorial service the town council decided to give the group support and gave the council employees time to help- especially Cemetery curator Nelson Sheperd. The group were also aided by Calderwood house- without who’s help the poppy cascade would not have come together.  There are placards of the groups involved which give details of those who helped- help which is much appreciated.

 We would like to also like to thank Elizabeth at the Beacon, Whitehaven Cadets and everyone else who has helped create this Remembrance tribute. I think you would say it was definitely been  worth the effort.