Blood donation session in Egremont

Blood donation session in Egremont.

We are holding a blood donation session at  the Market Hall on 31/05/19, there are still appointments available.


Please do share the details of the blood donation session with others through Facebook, your website, newsletters, etc. to help boost appointments and vital stocks.

Help us ensure that patients in our community have the right blood they need, when they need it.
Each unit of blood donated can save up to 3 lives

The full details of the donation session are on the poster attached as an online version (which can be printed as a poster or used on social media)  it could even be emailed to staff, partners and volunteers help improve attendance. 

I hope you can assist us on this matter in raising vital blood stocks.

Moor row Jubilee club receive an award for their dedication

For the last few years Moor Row Jubilee club have worked hard to brighten up Moor Row by installing tubs, planting shrubs and bedding plants to create impressive floral displays within this small village.

Each year the committee work hard to raise funds for their floral provision and it has certainly made Moor Row more visually appealing to residents and visitors alike.

To help the club with their aims to make further improvements, Egremont Town Council’s Chairperson, Neil Ferguson, presented members of the club – John Allonby, Rosalee Baty and Barbara Rennoldson with a cheque for £100 at a recent Town Council Meeting. The members were also congratulated and thanked for their hard work and commitment, which was very much appreciated by all.

Polling cards to be delivered for Mays Local elections

Polling cards to be delivered for Mays Local elections

COPELAND’S residents will receive their polling cards this week ahead of the local elections taking place0 on Thursday May 2nd. There will be three elections for the Mayor, Borough and town/parish.

Nominations are now open and the deadline for candidates’ completed forms is 5pm on Wednesday, April 3.

Pat Graham, Copeland Council’s Returning Officer, said: “Because this is the first election since the Local Government Boundary Commission reduced the number of Copeland borough councillors we half from 51 to 33, and re-drew our ward boundaries, we’re urging residents to check their polling card thoroughly”.

For many residents the ward they are in, or even the name of the ward, will have altered since they last voted. There’s also a number of residents whose polling station will be different to one they have used in the past, so please pay particular attention to this once your polling cards arrive. Egremont’s borough ward is now one and comprises the whole of the town. Three seats will be contested. Moor row and Bigrigg join Keekle as a ward of their own with one seat contested.

The Town council/parish will now be only two wards of North has five seats to be contested (Bigrigg, Moor row, Orgill & Smithfield) and South has five seats to be contested (Castlecroft, East/North road, Briscoe mount/road, Beckgreen, Main street, Bridge end & Woodbank/Cringlethwaite).

All those who had registered to vote before March 1 will receive a polling card this week. All those who have registered since March 1 – or do so before the April 12 deadline – will receive a confirmation letter containing the same information as a polling card.

To register to vote, visit before April 12.

To register for a proxy or postal vote, contact Copeland Council’s Elections team on 01946 598535, email or download a form from The deadlines are 5pm on April 15 (postal votes) and 5pm on April 24 (proxy votes).

To view the Notice of Elections, visit The list of candidates will be posted on this page on Thursday, April 4.

URGENT: Cordoning off the Redlion inn

URGENT: Cordoning off the Redlion inn

This week Egremont has had some bad news and seen a unwanted development- the possible demolition of the Redlion inn on Egremont main street.   The Redlion closed over 12yrs ago and has remained empty and has fallen into severe dilapidation and has become structurally unsafe.

Copeland borough council have deemed the building a safety hazard and have cordoned the pavement in front of the building so passing pedestrians are kept at a safe distance.    Copeland borough council are currently in court litigation with the property  owner and are negotiating with them for much needed repairs however the building may have to be demolished due to its unsafe nature.    The Which craft wool shop which had been part of the building and a successful business for over 14yrs has had to shut and currently has no new premises to move to.

If you have any concerns or need to report problems regarding the former inn please come into the office, email or phone:-01946820254