Community comes together to get rid weeds the main-street

A “Need to Weed” event was organised by Egremont Town Council on
31 st July led by our Chairperson Neil Ferguson and Vice- Chairperson Sam
What a fantastic turn out – around 50 people attende d including Town
Councillors & staff, residents & staff from Calderwood House, Royal
British Legion members, Works 4 You Ltd, Egremont Youth Partners hip,
Copeland’s Park Ranger and members of the public who were all keen to
lend a hand in cleaning up our town.

The morning turned out to be a big success with weeds, debris and litter
being removed from the Main Street, Egremont Castle and the surrounding areas.
Although keeping the street free of weeds is the County County’s
responsibility, due to a number of setbacks including the covid- 19
pandemic, the weeds had got out of hand but thanks to everyone who
attended and who obviously care about our town, it is looking much
better already.
Egremont Town Council would therefore like to sincerely thank those
who attended, the excellent work carried out today has made a difference
and thanks must also go to Copeland Borough Council for supplying the
necessary equipment to carry out the work.

The Town Council now intend to organize a further weeding and litter
pick event in August to keep our street looking the best it can be so we
hope you are all able to join us again.

Everyone is advised to keep looking at the Egremont Town Council page
and on the poster point for details of our next event and it is hoped that
as many people will support us again – in fact everyone including
business es are more than welcome to attend and if we ALL work
together, we WILL make a difference.

Serious Dog fouling must stop in the cemetery

 Egremont Town Council is very disappointed to learn that people are allowing their dogs to foul in Egremont Cemetery – this is disrespectful to say the least and very upsetting for families visiting the cemetery only to find dog excrement on their loved one’s grave (which was the case recently).
This behaviour MUST be stopped and the Town Council is asking for people to be vigilant and report (in confidence) anyone they see entering the cemetery with a dog.  People can leave a message on 01946 820254, email on or indeed speak to any one of our ten Town Councillors.
The cemetery rules clearly state that dogs are not allowed in Egremont Cemetery and there are signs at the entrance stating this so there is no excuse for this behaviour.
Our curator Nelson works very hard to keep the cemetery in a pristine condition and his dedication is commendable but he should not have to clean up after people who have allowed their dogs to foul nor should the contractors have to clean up their machinery of dog excrement after cutting the grass but hopefully with the public’s help, we can stop this behaviour by those who should know better.
Egremont Cemetery is an award winning cemetery – let’s keep it that way.

Lowes Court to reopen -27th July

Lowes Court are planning to open from Tues 28th July.

This is for three days a week initially: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 1pm for customers.


 The last half an hour from 1pm to 1.30 pm is for our exhibitors to make deliveries and collections by appointment only.
  This is to ensure that when deliveries and collections are made we can make sure there are no other customers on the premises, as we need to manage the number of people in the Gallery at any one time, to safeguard everyone. 

  We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


Exhibitors will need to contact us by email at to book an appointment to either bring in new stock or collect old stock 

Egremont play parks reopen this Saturday

  COPELAND Council is reopening the boroughs play parks this weekend and they are encouraging the safe, responsible and considerate use of its children’s play areas when they do.

  In line with Government guidance, 14 of the council’s play areas will reopen to the public on Saturday, and a range of measures and requests have been introduced.

  The council has installed social distancing signage, and where appropriate stencilling, to encourage users to keep a safe distance apart and to respect others by queuing and managing use responsibly. Covid-19 risk assessments have been completed on each of parks, and weekly inspections of the equipment have continued throughout the closure, and will remain in place.

  The council is encouraging parents, guardians and carers to supervise their children using the facilities at all times, and to clean children’s hands before and after use. Parents, guardians and carers are also encouraged to wipe down play equipment before use. The council adds that food or drink should not be consumed in the play areas, and all litter should be disposed of appropriately.

   Play areas owned by Copeland Council that will reopen on Saturday are: Castle Park, High Street, Jericho (Whitehaven); Welfare Field (Kells); Parkland (Moresby); East Road (Lowca); Barfs Road (Distington); Jacktrees Road (Cleator Moor); Church Street (Moor Row); Orgill, Ling Road, Brisco Mount, Beck Green (Egremont).

  One play area owned by the council will not reopen on Saturday. Newlands play area at Seathwaite, Whitehaven, will remain closed due to the condition of the limited remaining play equipment, but community-led proposals to upgrade this facility are currently in development.

Good citizen awards 2020- Nominations close on 17th July. Get your vote in now

Egremont Town Council has had to alter the closing date of this years good citizens award. 
  The council still is looking for nominations for the annual award – there are  award for an individuals as well as  one for a groups.
  With all that has has occurred this year many people out there  deserve to be recognized for their selflessness, help and generosity . If you know anyone who you would like to nominate please email their details as soon as possible.
  The person(s) nominated has to be resident in Egremont Parish, which includes Bigrigg and Moor Row. The person suggesting the nomination must state their name and contact details as well as the nominees details with an explanation of why the award is deserved.
  The deadline for nominations is 31st August and these can be submitted by post to Egremont Town Council, Market Hall office, Market Street, Egremont, CA22 2DF or by email to, or by posting a letter hand through the Town Council office letter box.
  Voting will take place July and the winners will be known in August and will be listed on the Town Council website as well as in the local press.

Corona virus update: Important information

Over the last few days  volunteers from all over the parish  have been have  delivering leaflets to every home in Bigrigg, Egremont & Moor row. Fantastic work by all who have helped and many thanks.

Thornhill and some outlying homes will also have the leaflets delivered to them and posters are going onto lamp posts around the main streets and on some estates.

Here is  the emergency telephone number- 0800 783 1966 Mon- Fri 9am to 5pm & 10am to 2pm during weekends.

The email address is –

Thank you all for continuing to remain vigilant and for keeping to the government guidelines and keeping safe.

Thank you all again

Corona virus update: Information on how to find help in the area during the outbreak

As the Corona virus (COVID 19) continues to spread and there are to be further social isolations, many people in Egremont parish may need assistance with a lot of issues.
Egremont Town Council would like to highlight and promote the services offered by the following groups to help the most vulnerable in our parish get through this difficult time-

West Cumbria Covid 19 Mutual Aid is a facebook group set up to help those people who need assistance, you can contact them via the facebook page or you can ring them 7 days a week between 9am & 9pm on 0333 33 55 226.
For those looking to help others, the Cumbria County Council is looking for volunteers and volunteer groups to come forward and offer their services via the Cumbria Local Resilience Forum (CLRF) which consists of organisations and agencies involved with emergency responses in our communities. It brings partners together to respond to extraordinary circumstances faced by communities in Cumbria. Full details of the CLRF can be found on Cumbria County Council’s website at:
If volunteers would prefer to register their services direct, please go on the website at:

If you require further information, you can contact Egremont Town Council by telephone – 01946820254 or email- or via the Town Council website contact page at

All your help in these difficult times is much appreciated and very welcome. Thank you.

Important notice: ALL Egremont playparks are closed until further notice due to the Corona outbreak

Today Copeland borough council due to the Corona virus outbreak have had to take the decision to close all of the borough councils playparks- this includes ALL of the playparks in Egremont and Egremont parish, these include-

-Beckgreen skate park

-Beckerment play park

-Briscoe mount playpark

-Ling road playpark

-Moor row playpark

-Orgill playpark

-Thornhill playpark

Please ensure that you follow the government guidelines on social distancing and make sure that you do not use the playparks.

Keep safe everyone. Thank you

Egremont bowling green: April meeting and open day cancelled

Egremont bowling green have unfortunately had to cancel the open day that was due to take place at the bowling green on 4th April. This is due to the continuing Corona virus out break and is done according to the National government guidelines op containing the virus.

For details regarding playing at the bowling club and other activities please contact Alan Hall –Secretary, Egremont Town Bowling Club on -Tel. 07760 23611  or the town council office on  -Tel. 01946 820254 for further details 

The Bowling green committee have also had to cancel the meeting on  April 1st also due the  government guidelines on controlling the virus outbreak.