July 19 Ordinary meeting Agenda

Tel: 01946 820254. Email: egremontmarkethall@outlook.com
You are summoned to attend the Ordinary meeting of Egremont Town Council in the SUPPER ROOM of Egremont Market Hall on TUESDAY 16th JULY 2019 at 5.30pm.
Yours faithfully


  1. To receive and record with reasons any apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of Interest on items on the agenda.
  3. Public Participation
    a. County Councillors
  4. Chairperson’s remarks
  5. To consider, approve & sign the minutes of the following:
    Ordinary meeting of Egremont Town Council held on 18th June 2019
  6. To consider & review planning applications
  7. To ratify comments with regards any planning applications received between Town Council meetings
  8. To consider any reports including:
    Finance Personnel Website
    Bowling Green Allotments Dilapidated buildings
    Health & Safety WC Partnership Cumbria in Bloom
    Christmas lights Public Realm
    Cemetery (including monthly inspection report from LH & JL)
    Market Hall (including monthly inspection report from JL)
    Main Street (including monthly inspection report from MM & GC)
  9. To consider & review correspondence
  10. To consider & receive the Clerk’s report
  11. To ratify the following payments which have been made between meetings as per delegated power given to the Clerk
  12. To receive & approve the financial statement at 10th July 2019
  13. To choose a suitable & eligible recipient of the Good Citizen’s Award for 2019
  14. To consider & make a decision re: the estimate to repair the cemetery gates
  15. To consider & make a decision re: the request for sponsorship from the Crab fair committee
  16. Egremont Main Street inspectors for September – to report their findings at the September Town Council meeting –NF & SB
  17. Councillors’ Matters – an opportunity for Councillors to raise minor matters not on this agenda and not for discussion
  18. Items for Inclusion on the next agenda. Please note decisions cannot be made on these items until they are formally included on the agenda.
  19. Approve date of the next meeting – 17th September 2019
  20. Matters to be discussed in private excluding the press & the general public

Please note that planning applications can be viewed half an hour prior to the start of the Town Council meeting or contact the office to arrange and earlier viewing.

Temporary footpath closure: Egremont


fp cop 1(19) Footpath No. 406008 406012 406013 in the Parish of Egremont – sealed order

Egremont Flood Scheme ttro plan

Please find attached a copy of the above named Order made by this Council and which comes into effect on 24 June 2019.

The works are expected to last for the full 6 months.


Sandra Smith
Countryside Access Officer
Regulatory Services | Economy and Infrastructure
Cumbria County Council | The Parkhouse Building
Kingmoor Business Park | Carlisle | CA6 4SJ

m: 07920 711254


Copeland borough council are reviewing the poling station and districts

Copeland Borough Council have produced the review of Polling Districts and Polling Places.

Egremont South ward – Returning Officer’s Proposals or comments:
Electors allocated to Masonic Hall, Bookwell and St Mary’s Parish Centre to be reviewed.

Moor Row & Bigrigg – Returning Officer’s Proposals or comments:
No changes proposed at this stage.

Further details of the number of electors, current number of postal voters and the current number voting in person can be viewed online on the Council’s website – www.copeland.gov.uk and comments can be submitted by post or by email – elections@copeland.gov.uk
There is also a copy of the review at the Town Council office.

Moor row speed bumps- Update

Please find attached a copy of the letter concerning the proposed installation of 7 road humps along Scalegill Road, Moor Row along with the associated location plan and legal notice.

Should you wish to comment in any capacity or formally object to the proposed Order, please send the grounds for your objection in writing to D Roberts, Executive Director – Corporate, Customer & Community Services, Cumbria House, Carlisle, CA1 1RD or by emailing kim.baxter@cumbria.gov.uk, by 26 June 2019.

Kind regards,

Ben Carter

Traffic Management Technician | Traffic Management Team

Highways, Transport & Fleet | Economy and Infrastructure Directorate

Cumbria County Council

Lillyhall Depot | Joseph Noble Road | Lillyhall | Workington | Cumbria | CA14 4JH

Community Alcohol Partnership to be launched in Egremont

Community Alcohol Partnership to be launched in Egremont

A COMMUNITY Alcohol Partnership (CAP) will be launched in Egremont this week to help tackle underage drinking and anti-social behaviour.

Officers from Cumbria Constabulary conducted surveys with the residents of Egremont, in particular in the area of the skate park, and it was established that there was a problem with underage drinking in the area.

CAPs are made up of partnerships between local authorities, police, schools, retailers, neighbourhood groups and health providers, working together to empower communities to tackle alcohol-related harm to young people and improve the quality of life for residents. They aim to reduce the sale of alcohol to young people, advise them on the dangers of drinking and provide alcohol-free activities through youth services and local charities.

Across the country, more than 160 CAPs have had outstanding impacts on local crime, anti-social behaviour, litter, feelings of safety and reductions in underage purchasing of alcohol.    

The Copeland CAP will bring together a wide range of stakeholders, including Copeland Borough Council, Cumbria County Council and health providers.

The formal launch will take place at Egremont Youth Club Chapel Street on April 18 at 6pm. The event will also be used to highlight the excellent work that is completed by the Egremont Youth Partnership.

Sgt David Slattery, of Cumbria Police, said “There is growing concern about the levels of underage drinking in Egremont among local residents, councillors and retailers, so I am delighted to announce the introduction of the Copeland CAP to tackle alcohol-related harm in the area.

“Drinking alcohol at a young age brings serious risks to children’s health and development and puts them in danger of both physical and social harm. They are far more likely to injure themselves or someone else, engage in unsafe sex, fail to reach their potential at school and engage in anti-social behaviour. We are committed to making a positive difference to their lives and to our local community.”

Louise Coid, Copeland Hub Manager, said: “Copeland Borough Council are delighted to work with other partner agencies through the Copeland Hub in delivering this CAP in the Egremont area, which has seen an increase in the numbers of underage drinking and related anti-social behaviour. 

“The police and local authorities are working with West Lakes Academy, Egremont Youth Partnership, local retailers, licensed premises and the local community to address these issues.”

CAP Chair Derek Lewis said: “I am delighted to see the launch of a CAP in Copeland. Community Alcohol Partnerships are a tried and tested way of driving down underage drinking and creating better, safer and friendlier neighbourhoods.

“They offer a great opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to our nation’s relationship with alcohol, starting with the current generation of young people.”

Polling cards to be delivered for Mays Local elections

Polling cards to be delivered for Mays Local elections

COPELAND’S residents will receive their polling cards this week ahead of the local elections taking place0 on Thursday May 2nd. There will be three elections for the Mayor, Borough and town/parish.

Nominations are now open and the deadline for candidates’ completed forms is 5pm on Wednesday, April 3.

Pat Graham, Copeland Council’s Returning Officer, said: “Because this is the first election since the Local Government Boundary Commission reduced the number of Copeland borough councillors we half from 51 to 33, and re-drew our ward boundaries, we’re urging residents to check their polling card thoroughly”.

For many residents the ward they are in, or even the name of the ward, will have altered since they last voted. There’s also a number of residents whose polling station will be different to one they have used in the past, so please pay particular attention to this once your polling cards arrive. Egremont’s borough ward is now one and comprises the whole of the town. Three seats will be contested. Moor row and Bigrigg join Keekle as a ward of their own with one seat contested.

The Town council/parish will now be only two wards of North has five seats to be contested (Bigrigg, Moor row, Orgill & Smithfield) and South has five seats to be contested (Castlecroft, East/North road, Briscoe mount/road, Beckgreen, Main street, Bridge end & Woodbank/Cringlethwaite).

All those who had registered to vote before March 1 will receive a polling card this week. All those who have registered since March 1 – or do so before the April 12 deadline – will receive a confirmation letter containing the same information as a polling card.

To register to vote, visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote before April 12.

To register for a proxy or postal vote, contact Copeland Council’s Elections team on 01946 598535, email elections@copeland.gov.uk or download a form from www.yourvotematters.co.uk. The deadlines are 5pm on April 15 (postal votes) and 5pm on April 24 (proxy votes).

To view the Notice of Elections, visit www.copeland.gov.uk/section/elections. The list of candidates will be posted on this page on Thursday, April 4.

URGENT: Cordoning off the Redlion inn

URGENT: Cordoning off the Redlion inn

This week Egremont has had some bad news and seen a unwanted development- the possible demolition of the Redlion inn on Egremont main street.   The Redlion closed over 12yrs ago and has remained empty and has fallen into severe dilapidation and has become structurally unsafe.

Copeland borough council have deemed the building a safety hazard and have cordoned the pavement in front of the building so passing pedestrians are kept at a safe distance.    Copeland borough council are currently in court litigation with the property  owner and are negotiating with them for much needed repairs however the building may have to be demolished due to its unsafe nature.    The Which craft wool shop which had been part of the building and a successful business for over 14yrs has had to shut and currently has no new premises to move to.

If you have any concerns or need to report problems regarding the former inn please come into the office, email or phone:-01946820254

Egremont town council: Precept rise 2019/20

Egremont Town Council has this year increased their precept by 5% which equates to an overall amount of £6,970 and for the majority of residents in Egremont parish that lives in a Band B property, it will mean an annual increase of £2.43 per year meaning it remains at less than £1 per week.

Egremont Town Council believe that this offers the residents of Egremont parish good value for money and would like to remind residents of what we do and what we are responsible for:

Egremont Cemetery – our award winning cemetery is maintained by our full time curator who keeps the grounds in an excellent condition. A contractor is paid to cut the grass 12 times per season and a contractor digs the graves when required. Quite some time ago, Egremont Town Council took the decision to restrict burials to only those who lived in Egremont parish as it is the residents who pay the precept towards the upkeep of the cemetery, people from outside of the parish can still have their cremated remains interred in the cemetery but they are charged an extra rate for doing so.

Our curator is an asset to our Town Council and goes over and above what is expected of him. It is thanks to him that the Jubilee Garden within Egremont Cemetery has been awarded “outstanding” (the top award) every year since 2014 in the RHS annual competition. He is responsible for planting and maintaining the flower bed opposite the cemetery and is very much involved in the annual Cumbria in Bloom competition making a lot of planters himself from recycled materials.

Within the cemetery is two listed chapels which the Town Council is responsible for, they are not in the best condition and the Council is looking at obtaining grants to at least keep them safe.

Egremont Town Council is also responsible for the house that sits within the Cemetery itself, it is currently leased out to tenants and the Town Council is responsible for the building itself and any exterior repairs.

Egremont Market Hall – this hall is used for a variety of functions including craft fayres, exercise classes, conferences, meetings, birthday parties, concerts etc. Egremont Town Council recognises that it is a community hall and as such, have again, not increased the hall hire fees to ensure it is affordable for all. Every month there is the regular Farmers Market bringing in a variety of goods which otherwise Egremont parishioners would have to travel further afield to see, we have also in the past donated to the community bus which brings in people from Bootle way who not only visit the Farmers Market but bring their custom to the local businesses too.

Every year, Whitehaven Theatre Group put on a fantastic pantomime for all to see and it shows the hall off to its best, it is used annually for the crab fair event and concert goers have reported on the great acoustics in the hall. Last year, we invited two local and very talented artists to paint a mural on the back wall of the stage which they did very successfully so now instead of looking at a plain brick wall, you can see their depiction of Egremont Castle in all its glory.

The Market Hall is fully accessible for disabled users with a disabled toilet and a stair lift to access the room upstairs, there is a fully fitted kitchen where people can cook & prepare food and a bar facility which is run by the Rugby League Club in partnership with the Town Council. The main hall floor has also recently been fully refurbished and is ideal for all functions. The Market Hall however is an old building and there are ongoing issues that need to be addressed which are not always an easy fix when the building sits within the conservation area but the public is encouraged to come and view the hall to see what we offer – just contact the office to arrange a date to pop in.

The Market Hall is also home to the Town Council office which is at the rear of the building, the Town Clerk and currently two part-time staff occupy the upstairs rooms and the office is open from 9am – 1pm from Monday to Friday. Anyone is free to call in to ask for advice and as a service provider, we

hold the recycle boxes, lids, cardboard bags for anyone to pick up and which will save them travelling to Whitehaven. The public can visit the office to see plans for recent planning applications, they can report any street lights that are out, potholes or anything else they have concerns about, the staff can then pass on these complaints to the relevant authorities. The office also holds all the cemetery books and have the records dating back to 1864 when the cemetery opened and visitors come from far & wide to see where ancestors are laid at rest.

Egremont Town Council owns two allotment sites – Bridgend and East Road and manage the Sandholes allotment site which belongs to Copeland Borough Council. Anyone who resides in Egremont parish is free to put their name down on the waiting list for an allotment by calling into the office, ringing in or emailing.

Egremont Town Council owns the Bowling Green pavilion which sits on Copeland Borough Council’s land which the Town Council pays an annual rent for. The Bowling Green itself which is available for all the public to use is managed by a Bowling Green committee, last year, the green had a total makeover and people can go and sit in the grounds and appreciate the work that has been carried out, it is a great pastime for young and old and everyone is more than welcome to visit and have a go.

The Town Council is affiliated to the Lengthsman scheme which is funded by the parishes of Egremont, St Bees, Haile & Wilton and Beckermet with Thornhill and this allows for a workman to carry out work across these parishes for 2 days per week and Egremont believes that we get great value for money. Our Lengthsman carries out litter picking, weed spraying, painting and repairing street furniture, path maintenance, grass cutting, he also helps by taking part in the annual Cumbria in Bloom planting so if any parishioners know of any areas of concern, please contact the office and we will try to address them.

Egremont Castle within our parish is also maintained by the Lengthsman with funding from Lord Egremont and together we are striving to improve the grounds by adding wild flowers, we have already seen the improvement of the sensory bed thanks to Bookwell School and this year, the three local primary schools will each have a flower bed that they will be responsible for. This is fantastic news to hear that the Castle is being utilised and enjoyed again by the whole community and what it was meant for so please go in and take a look. Unfortunately, things are spoiled by the few irresponsible people who walk through the grounds and allow their dogs to foul without picking up after them on top of which there is the odd spate of vandalism but it hoped that with the extra input put into the castle by the school children and others, people will respect this and aim to keep the Castle the wonderful place it is meant to be.

Egremont Town Council has an annual donation budget of £1,000 set aside and anyone is invited to submit a request for funding with preference given to those that benefit people within our parish. Last year grants were given to Lowes Court, Rugby Union flood defence scheme and towards the foodbank to enable an advisor to continue attending the Egremont sessions. On top of our donation budget, we set aside a £1,000 youth grant and The Youth Partnership and the Phoenix Youth Centre (who has attendees from Moor Row – within Egremont parish) have both benefitted in the past.

Though Egremont Amenity Committee has organised the town’s Christmas lights including the tree in Bigrigg and Moor Row with financial assistance from Egremont Town Council, the Council has now agreed that the hard work of the Amenity Committee in lighting up our town and villages since 2012 should continue and therefore we have taken over (for at least the next 3 years) the responsibility of the lights at an approximate annual cost of £15,000 per year as we believe that Egremont parishioners deserve their parish to be lit up at Christmas time and we believe it is money well spent.

Unfortunately due to government cuts, more and more responsibilities are falling onto the local councils and one such extra responsibility is the bus shelters which used to be under Copeland Borough Council’s remit but Copeland will no longer replace a bus shelter once it becomes irreparable so it then falls to the Town Council to make the decision as to whether or not they will fund the cost of replacing it, last year alone over £600 was paid to replace panels that had been daubed with graffiti or broken so it is not a cheap fix.

Also due to government cuts, any street lights that currently belong to Copeland but become irreparable, will not be replaced, this is something the Town Council can consider replacing but with costs of around £2,500 to replace each light plus running, maintenance & insurance costs on top and the fact that there is a lot of lights that, as time goes on, will all become defunct, this is something the Town Council is very concerned about but cannot commit to.

Egremont Town Council regularly arrange community litter picks and the public are very welcome to attend, we get a lot of support from the schools, Calderwood, local businesses etc and if anyone knows of a particular grot spot, then please inform the office and we will try to address it.

This year, Egremont Town Council will again be entering Egremont into this year’s Cumbria in Bloom competition and we hope to improve upon last year’s fantastic award of Silver-Gilt, businesses will be contacted to see if they will ensure their frontages are cleaned up and they will be asked to provide some kind of floral provision outside their shop to enhance the 45 flower baskets and 11 planters paid for by Egremont Town Council plus we will be adding to this by providing more planters in various forms and creating an Alice in Wonderland theme in Egremont Castle