Copeland GDF working group invite you to their virtual meeting- have your opinion heard on where nuclear wste could be stored

The search has started to find a suitable site and a willing community to host a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for the UK’s higher level radioactive waste. Community consent is at the heart of the process and a GDF cannot be built unless there’s a suitable site and a willing community.

The Copeland GDF Working Group has started its engagement with local people on the potential for further consideration of a GDF somewhere in the area of Copeland. As part of this engagement, we produce a monthly newsletter which anyone in the community can sign up to, please do so here via our dedicated website. Please feel free to share this link with others.

We can also offer community newsletters/groups/organisations such as yours, the opportunity of receiving regular information from us. If this is something which you would be interested in, please let me know an approximate number of words you would like, a list of deadlines and whether you require photographs.

Also, we can hold ‘virtual’ meetings with you if you would like so that you can talk to us directly. Our email address is

Copeland GDF Working Group has three main tasks – begin to understand community issues, concerns and questions about GDF; identify a search area or areas within Copeland which could then be further investigated for potential locations for a GDF, and identify initial members for a Community Partnership that could take that work forward. The Working Group will not identify specific sites or decide on locations, it will merely suggest areas for further consideration by a Community Partnership.


If you have any questions, please do get in touch.





Gillian Thorne

Working Group Communications Lead

Radioactive Waste Management

Herdus House
Westlakes Science and Technology Park
Moor Row
CA24 3HU

T: 01925 802440

M: 07513 484807


W: – Geological Disposal

Urgent: Road closure notice – St.Bridgets lane/Nelson squar


A temporary road closure has been put in place to allow Electricity North West Ltd to carry out utility repair works which are expected to commence 25th January 2021 and anticipated to take 14 days to complete.

Please see below details of the extents of the closure and alternative route, the relevant legal notice can be viewed at and a location plan clearly showing the extents of the road closure and diversion route can be found on via link

Location: St Bridget’s Lane, Egremont from its junction with Nelson Square extending in a south easterly direction for approx. 130m.

Alternative Route: A way for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists will be maintained at all times and a suitable alternative route for vehicles will be signed and available via Nelson Square, Central Avenue and Castle Villas.

URGENT: Outpatient appointments suspended at North Cumbria Integrated Care

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust is suspending most outpatient appointments from today unless it is urgent. 

As the number of patients with COVID-19 continues to increase in the trusts hospitals, the difficult decision has been made to suspend  outpatient clinics at the Cumberland Infirmary, West Cumberland Hospital and community sites from Friday the 8th of January 2021.


Urgent appointments will still go ahead and will be assessed on a case by case basis. This will be for a period of two weeks and reviewed on a weekly basis. This will enable us to redeploy medical staff to the wards where extra support is required at this time. 


Dr Rod Harpin, Medical Director at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, said:


“In the last week, we have seen a doubling of patients with COVID-19 being admitted into our hospitals and we are expecting this to increase in the coming weeks.  Combined with the fact that many of our staff are having to self-isolate, this brings challenges in delivering our normal services. It is for that reason; we have taken the difficult decision to begin to stand down some routine services including all non- urgent outpatient clinics; and to redeploy staff from these services to assist in maintaining core and emergency services across our hospitals.


“We realise this can be distressing for patients awaiting appointments; however, this decision has been made to prioritise the safety and healthcare needs of our patients. We will endeavour to restart all services as soon as it is safe to do so and will continue to share regular updates. We thank all of our patients for their cooperation at this time.”


The Trust is contacting all patients affected, so patients are not required to contact the Trust. If you have not been told your appointment has been cancelled, or you are invited to attend, please do so as this means your case will have been assessed and we would like to see you. 


The Trust has strict infection prevention measures in place for your safety in the hospital, please wear a mask or face covering, available at the main entrances if you do not have one, use hand sanitisers on entry and exit, stick to the marked one way systems and stay 2m away from others. 

  • Choose our services wisely – if you have been invited for an appointment, please attend. The NHS is still here for you, but please choose the service most appropriate for their need when they need to access medical help. This includes:

o   111 – this service provides 24 hour advice on any healthcare need

o   Pharmacy – think pharmacy first where there are trained professionals who can prescribe medicines and give advice

o   GP – for ongoing or persistent medical issues

o   Minor injuries and Urgent Treatment centres – for urgent but not life-threatening issues

o   A&E – for life-threatening and serious emergencies only.

  • Maternity guidance – If you have any worries regarding your maternity care, your points of contact have not changed. Your midwife is here for you and will be able to discuss your queries.

Government available funds: Cold weather payments


You may get a Cold Weather Payment if you’re getting certain benefits or Support for Mortgage Interest.

This guide is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

You’ll get a payment if the average temperature in your area is recorded as, or forecast to be, zero degrees celsius or below over 7 consecutive days.

You’ll get £25 for each 7 day period of very cold weather between 1 November and 31 March.

The Cold Weather Payment scheme runs from 1 November 2020 to 31 March 2021. Check if you can get a payment in your area.

Cold Weather Payments are different to Winter Fuel Payments.

Urgent: Road closure notice- Croadalla avenue will be closed to traffic from 5th January

Cumbria county council have issued a urgent road closure notice.

From Tuesday 5th January Croadalla avenue, Orgill will be closed to traffic in both directions. The road is to remain closed for two weeks.

This is due to the ongoing flood defense work that is due to be completed by summer 2021.

Copeland borough Council launches new grave care service

COPELAND Borough Council is launching a new service to help residents care for their loved one’s graves.

The service, which will be offered across all council owned cemeteries, offers people the chance to have maintenance carried out up to four times per year, depending on which plan they choose.

The Council’s Bereavement Services team will ensure headstones are washed, any foliage is cleared and that lettering is maintained and refreshed when needed.

Images of the serviced area will then be sent to the client, once the work has been carried out.

The service also offers those who choose to purchase the seasonal plan the opportunity to have flowers placed at the gravesite, twice per year, to commemorate occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.  

Councillor Steve Morgan, Portfolio Holder for Bereavement Services, said: “We understand that not everyone has the time or ability to care for a loved one’s grave as they may wish.

“Some will have geographical or transport issues or may have a medical problem that prevents them from attending one of our cemeteries as often as they’d like.

 “Many people will also be taking extra precautions due to the current pandemic and tending to their loved one’s grave site may not be viable at the moment.

“Our qualified and experienced team are here to relieve any worry and ensure the site is lovingly cared for by professionals.

“Our dedicated staff will also provide picture updates, once the work has been carried out, so that clients can see that their loved one’s final resting place has been caringly tended to.

“Our team works incredibly hard to maintain Copeland’s cemeteries and this additional service helps ensure that people have the opportunity to make sure that individual graves are well cared for.”

Copeland Council’s grave care service is available at all council owned cemeteries which includes Whitehaven, Hensingham, Beckermet, Millom and Nether Wasdale.  

This service is in addition to routine cemetery maintenance carried out by the Council’s team.

For more information on the new service go to, email or call 01946 830561.



New COVID 19 Guidance for the December, Christmas holidays and Care home visitations


Guidance for the Christmas period


Making a Christmas bubble with friends and family



Visits to care homes

New guidance will safely allow indoor visits to care homes across England as the country moves back into tiered restrictions.

  • Visits out to family homes or outdoor spaces like parks may also be possible for some care home residents under 65
  • Safe care home visits to be supported by the provision of over a million rapid tests and free personal protective equipment (PPE)

First published 1 December 2020

Care home residents to be reunited with families by Christmas



Making a support bubble with another household – update

How you can safely expand the group of people you have close contact with during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Change made:
Amended the eligibility criteria for a support bubble and added guidance on how to switch your support bubble.

Updated 2 December 2020

Making a support bubble with another household



Guidance for Tier 2

What you can and cannot do in an area in Tier 2 of local restrictions.

The new Tier 2 restrictions include:

  • No mixing with other households indoors, apart from support bubbles
  • A limit of six on groups meeting outdoors
  • Pubs and bars must close, unless operating as restaurants
  • Guidance to limit unnecessary journeys and avoid travel into Tier 3 areas

Full details of the new restrictions can be found:


Tier 2 ‘High Alert’ restrictions now apply to all of Cumbria

NOTE- in ALL tiers: Retail opening hours extended


Retailers will be able to extend their daily opening hours from Monday to Saturday in the run up to Christmas and through January.

Under the government’s new tiered restrictions, in every tier, all shops will be allowed to reopen, giving people the opportunity to shop in person for gifts for family and friends during the festive season.

Restrictions may be imposed by individual local authorities when they grant planning permission for individual stores.

In normal circumstances, a retailer would need to apply to remove or vary such a condition under section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. This can be a lengthy process, taking several weeks or more.

The measures announced make it clear to local planning authorities that they should take a positive approach when engaging with retailers who wish to extend their retail opening hours and look to relaxing local restrictions where possible

First published 30 November 2020

Boost for high street as Jenrick extends opening hours for Christmas shopping

Cumbria county council raise awareness of rape and sexual offences.

Rasso FB Surgery

Cumbria Constabulary continue to raise awareness about Rape and Serious Sexual Offences, during a dedicated month-long campaign.

The campaign highlighted areas including:

  • Sexual consent

  • Local support services available for victims

  • Improved police processes for this area of investigation

  • The launch of a new video tool for victims of rape or sexual assault. The video provides a first-person walk-through account of the Bridgeway Sexual Assault Referral Centre process.

To view our full release click here

Facebook logo 

Join us today (Mon 30 Nov) at 12:30pm as we host a virtual Rape and Serious Sexual Offences awareness surgery over on our Facebook Page. 

Click here to join the event

Our first week featured information and educational assets on consent.

Consent is a complex topic; however, detectives are warning the public that they need to fully understand sexual consent, or they may face the ‘life changing’ consequences of their actions.

Content shared by the constabulary included sanitised logs where consent was contested and video content on giving consent.

Between January 1st 2020 and October 26th 2020 (the date this data was compiled) there were 1079 incidents reported to Cumbria Constabulary:

  • 377 rape crimes
  •  702 other sexual offences
  • 135 N100 reports
    • N100 ensures that all reported incidents of rape or attempted rapes, whether from victims, witnesses or third parties which are not immediately recorded as a confirmed crime must be recorded under this classification at the time the report is initially made to the relevant force this includes reports made by third parties, through partnership working or from other agencies.

The majority of rapes and other sexual offences occur where the offender is known to the victim, stranger rapes are rare.

Week 2

Rape and sexual offences services supporting victims in Cumbria

As part of the ongoing November rape and serious sexual offences awareness campaign supported by Cumbria Constabulary, and Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, both organisations highlighted the services available to victims in the county.

Victims of rape and sexual assault can access help and support from services across Cumbria. Anyone can gain access to these services no matter how long ago the crime took place and whether the crime was reported to the Police or not. Each service offers tailored help to meet the victims wants and needs. The service user is in full control of the help they would like to receive. Available services are:

  • South: The Birchall Trust, Barrow, offers On-to-one counselling; art and play therapy; sexual abuse awareness training and Protective Behaviours Workshops to survivors of rape and sexual abuse. The service is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and can be contacted on 01229 820828 and
  • South: Women’s Community Matters, Barrow, can help with issues like domestic and sexual abuse, benefits and housing issues and mental wellbeing. They can also provide information on other services that can help you. They are open Monday 9.30am – 4pm, Tuesday 9.30am – 6pm, Wednesday 9.30am – 4pm, Thursday 9.30am – 6pm, Friday 9.30am – 1pm and can be reached on 01229 311102.
  • West: Women Out West, Whitehaven, can provide emotional support and advice on domestic abuse. They can also provide information on other services that can help you. They are open, Monday to Friday 9.30 – 2.30pm on 01946 550103.
  • North: Safety Net, Carlisle, provides counselling to survivors and help with practical issues that support recovery including family support, criminal justice and family court, employment, training, education, housing and finances. Safety Net is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and can be contacted by phone on 01228 515 859 or email at

Week 3

Walk-through video to support victims of rape and serious sexual offences

The Bridgeway (SARC) is for people who have been victims of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse across Cumbria.

These services include the forensic medical service at the SARC, access to Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) support and therapeutic services which are provided by The Birchall Trust in Barrow and South Lakeland areas, and by Safety Net in the Allerdale, Copeland, Carlisle and Eden areas.

The video shows a step-by-step walk-through for victims of rape and serious sexual offences, to help them understand the process before they attend the SARC. The video was created jointly, by the Constabulary and Bridgeway staff, to offer assurance, provide helpful information and to build familiarity, for victims at an already traumatic and sometimes confusing time.

To view the full release click here.