Corona virus Update: Egremont Covid 19 response

  Over the last 7 weeks Egremont town council and Egremont Covid 19’s founders Robert White and Lisa Pollen have been working together to respond to the unprecedented virus outbreak. We have been working closely with both Copeland council’s James Young and Cumbria county councillor Emma Williamson as well as working with both councils and  volunteers from Sellafield supply chain Peter and John  Murphy and Tony Pilkington to ensure we are all safe and that all who can be helped are. The Covid 19 emergency number 0800 783 1966 or you can email are the best place to phone if you need help or support.

  We now have a Facebook page which is updated several times each day and gives details of all our activities and details of how you can get any help you require or share information- here is the address of our page-

  Together we have printed and delivered over 12,000 leaflets to Bigrigg, Moor row, Egremont and the Thornhill area (3 separate leaflets and a 4th on the way)- Copeland Mayor -Mike Starkie and Egremont rugby league and union players have joined our other volunteers.

  We have also delivered over 70 food share food parcels to the most vulnerable in our community.

We have also been working with the North lakes foodbank and have been collecting donations for them. We have now collected over £3000 and have been helping them with the weekly food need.

  Over the Easter weekend we also help to provided over 100 chocolate eggs to children in the community

and we have handed out  10 ‘boredom’ bags which contain puzzles, jigsaws, books and DVD’s in them. These were donated to us by the CAAS (copeland age & advice service team) 

  We have also been out connecting with the community and checking in on some who are struggling in these troubling times. At the end of this week we will be launching a new befriending service which will enable the public to contact local people to talk to either by phone or coming to their doors.

  Members of the public of also been busy cooking and baking, people like Mandy Robinson who baked  over 80 cakes that our volunteers have delivered to many throughout the parish.

  We have helped to create a food delivery option for those isolated in their homes with  the Egremont  Co-operative. Thanks to our fantastic volunteers we are able to provide the service every Tuesday and Thursday. The scheme  lets residents ring the co-op between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm and place a grocery order. Ring 01946 820790 

  We have also had a lot of food donated to us by our local businesses – a big thanks goes to Frasers fish and chips, who along with our volunteers delivered 50 fish and chips. 

  Paul O’Halloran who’s restaurant is based in the Falcon club provided us with 40 roast dinners that have fed 40 local residents.

  It is fantastic to have such great local businesses and also members of the community that are so willing to help out, it makes a difference to so many people. 

We have also contributed to the Copeland council’s NHS floral display near the Clintz roundabout. The NHS is our all our passion and the Doctors, nurses and support staff are our saviours. Thank you to all the essential workers, postal and delivery staff, shop and supermarket workers who help to keep our world going and keeping us sane.

Thank you to all of you 

Stay safe, stay strong, be kind