Damage to Egremont war memorial

Damage to Egremont war memorial

It has been brought to the attention of Egremont town council that the lettering on Egremont’s war memorial has started to come away.

This is quite worrying, especially as the 100th anniversary of the great war is just two weeks away.

Egremont town council will be repairing the damage as soon as possible, however we would like to say that the damage was not caused by the Town council- unfortunately after assessment it is not fully known what has caused the damage. The town  council would like to thank the cleaning works performed by local groups especially Egremont scouts group who over the years as the memorial would not look as good as it does without their help.

The repair will cost the council over a thousand pounds, money the council doesn’t have freely available.

Please remember if any group or individual other than the local groups that help to look after the memorial want to clean the memorial or  repair or look after any of the Town or villages monuments, pathways or furniture please ask the town council for permission first. Thank you.