Egremont town council present three groups each with a donation.

At the recent Egremont Town Council, Neil Ferguson – Vice Chairperson presented three groups each with a donation.

Firstly Paul Rowe from the Phoenix Youth Club who was presented with a £1,000 youth grant which Egremont Town Council pledges and decides each year who the recipient will be. Phoenix Youth Club operate an outreach club in Moor Row which sits in Egremont parish and is enjoyed by many. Paul thanked the Council for this grant and all agreed that the Club was a worthy recipient.

Secondly, Sheila Moffat representing Lowes Court Gallery received a donation of £500 to support the gallery in all they are trying to do. The gallery has recently had a makeover carried out by the volunteers and they have now extended their opening hours so go along and see what they have on offer, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, Kay Corkill who attended to accept a donation of £1,350 on behalf of the North Lakes Foodbank, Councillors recognise that the Foodbank in Egremont is a lifesaver for a lot of people and there are many who have benefitted from it. Part of this service is to provide an advice worker who can not only present those in need with a voucher and food, but also offer advice on where they can perhaps receive benefits etc. Kay Corkill thanked Councillors and informed them that due to the Town Council’s generous donation and donations from others, sufficient funding is now in place to continue to provide the services of an advice worker for at least another year.