Egremont town council receive a Certificate of comemoration for taking part in the Merchant Navy Day

This year our ‘Fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day’ campaign was a huge success, with the British Merchant Navy’s official flag flown at more than 650 locations ashore around the UK – see our impressive ‘Roll of Honour’ at

On behalf of Seafarers UK, may I say how much we appreciate your support for this important initiative to raise public awareness of our island nation’s dependence on past, present and future Merchant Navy seafarers

Next year  Merchant Navy  Day, 3 September, falls on a Monday. As you know, there are no restrictions on when a Red Ensign can be flown ashore in the UK. Hopefully you will be able to organise a flag-hoisting ceremony on the Monday – and have it flying all week!

We will contact you again in 2018 with updated information about our campaign, including a new press release template and suggestions for making the most of social media.

Best wishes



Please press on the link to view the certificate – Egremont T C MNF certificate