Egremont Town Public Bowling Green

Egremont’s public bowling green was opened in 1982 and is located at the north end of the town opposite the cemetery with access from Howbank Road. The green is on land leased by the Egremont Town Council from Copeland Borough Council.

Day-to-day running and maintenance of the green is carried out by volunteers from the membership of the Egremont Town Bowling Club.

It is open for practice and casual play from 2pm to 6pm, 7 days a week from mid April to mid September and everyone is welcome. In-house competitions and ‘Friendlies’ between Egremont and other local clubs take place at weekends. On Tuesday evenings the Club competes in a Mixed Triples League against other West Cumbria Bowling Clubs.

If you would like to try having a go at bowling all you need are some flat soled footware ie trainers or plimsols – if not the club can provide canvas overshoes. We can also be flexible on opening times.

The aim of the Bowling Club is to provide local people of all ages with the means to keep active, make new friends and enjoy a game of bowls in a friendly atmosphere. For younger people the club provides a stepping stone into a sport in which they could excel.

President Mr A Hall 01946823317
V.President Mr K Amor. 01946812440
Ladies President Mrs Percival 01946820776
Secretary Mrs S Connolly 01946824438
Treasurer Mr I Hall 07596921302
Chair person Mr P Millburn 01946822649
Committee members
Mrs M Moore 01946820700
Mr P Moore 01946820700
Mr E Connolly 01946824438
Mr E Percival 01946820776
Mrs D Timmins 01946824767
Mrs K Moffat 01946814439
Elected at every AGM
At the moment we have 41 members
Season runs April 4th to September 20th