Serious Dog fouling must stop in the cemetery

 Egremont Town Council is very disappointed to learn that people are allowing their dogs to foul in Egremont Cemetery – this is disrespectful to say the least and very upsetting for families visiting the cemetery only to find dog excrement on their loved one’s grave (which was the case recently).
This behaviour MUST be stopped and the Town Council is asking for people to be vigilant and report (in confidence) anyone they see entering the cemetery with a dog.  People can leave a message on 01946 820254, email on or indeed speak to any one of our ten Town Councillors.
The cemetery rules clearly state that dogs are not allowed in Egremont Cemetery and there are signs at the entrance stating this so there is no excuse for this behaviour.
Our curator Nelson works very hard to keep the cemetery in a pristine condition and his dedication is commendable but he should not have to clean up after people who have allowed their dogs to foul nor should the contractors have to clean up their machinery of dog excrement after cutting the grass but hopefully with the public’s help, we can stop this behaviour by those who should know better.
Egremont Cemetery is an award winning cemetery – let’s keep it that way.