Cumbria county council consultation on installing a Kent garage gate in Ennerdale


Consultation letter

How Hall Farm – Kent Carriage Gap

Location Legal Notice

Please see the attached consultation material and legal notice for the proposal to install a Kent Carriage Gap on the restricted by-way, leading to the Old Anglers Hotel site at Ennerdale.


If you have any comments on the proposal, please write to the appropriate contacts outlined in the attached letter, no later than 6 October 2021.


Kind regards,


Matthew Reeves

Traffic Management Team Leader – Copeland

Highways Assets and Strategy | Highways and Transport

Economy and Infrastructure Directorate |Cumbria County Council |

Highways Depot | Joseph Noble Road |

Lillyhall Industrial Estate | Workington | CA14 4JH


t: 0300 303 2992

m: 07769165177

f: 01946 506537

New wellbeing and fitness scheme ‘HowFit’ encourages residents to keep fit and healthy at home

Households across north Cumbria are getting information about how to get fit at home thanks to a new wellbeing and fitness plan.


The HowFit scheme has been setup by a hospital consultant to help people stay fit and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the aid of a new website and instructional leaflet, HowFit encourages users to sign up to a plan of simple exercises that can be carried out at home without the need for any special equipment.

The programme was created by Dr Steven Parry, Consultant Physician, and developed alongside a personal trainer and professional physiotherapists in Newcastle.

Dr Parry said: “Being at home for a long time during the Covid-19 pandemic means that few of us have been getting the exercise that we used to. Even before the Covid-19 virus hit, not enough of us were getting the exercise we needed to stay as fit as possible.

“Regular exercise carries a number of important benefits, which have never been more important than during the pandemic. However, I realised that there are very few exercise programmes for people to carry out in their own home and even fewer that are suitable for people who are unfit or who have difficulty mobilising.

“HowFit has been designed to include exercises of varying difficulties, meaning that it is suitable for adults of any age, whether you currently exercise or not and without the need for any special equipment.”


The NHS leaflet is being delivered to households across the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System this week.

Dr Mandy Boardman, GP lead at NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: “Simple exercises can be really effective in helping build strength, as well as so many other physical and mental wellbeing related benefits too.

“We are pleased to support the HowFit programme alongside the great local groups we have in Cumbria who are supporting people to build up their activity and fitness.”

The HowFit website provides the user with a range of exercises divided into four categories -mobility, strength, cardiovascular health and also stability, balance and co-ordination – with videos and animations on hand to demonstrate how the exercise is carried out. Exercises are further split into three different difficulty levels to allow the user to choose the level that best suits their own level of fitness.

You can also find local groups near you through Active Cumbria at and there are groups like ICan in Carlisle and Together We in west Cumbria who offer support to people wanting to increase their activity.



Great news! A new rural bus service will start in November. twice weekly service from Seascale to Whitehaven

Cumbria counity council are happy to inform you all that a new rural bus service run by Hobans 1923 Ltd of Workington  will be introducing a new bus service between Seascale and Whitehaven, providing two return trips a day (the second only runs as far as Gosforth) on Monday to Thursday starting 1st November.


The timetable for the service is attached-

Hobans bus time tab;e – seascale to whitehaven


New timetable posters will provided along the route before the service starts, and details will appear on the County Council’s website shortly

GDF working party: Drop in sessions announced- go along and have your say!

Pop-up events in Copeland on geological disposal
Copeland GDF Working Group is holding a series of pop-up events over the
next few weeks to continue the conversation about geological disposal and
what it could mean for Copeland.
A Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) is an underground facility designed to safely
and securely dispose of higher activity radioactive waste.
Members of the community are invited to drop-in and have a chat with the local
community engagement team, pick up a leaflet, ask a question or share views. The
informal events will take place in different areas of Copeland – limited to small
numbers to ensure Covid-safety and will operate within Government guidance.
They will be followed by a larger exhibition roadshow which the Working Group plans
to run during September.
Gillian Johnston, Copeland Working Group’s Community Engagement Manager,
“We’re looking forward to being able to speak face to face with people about what
geological disposal could mean for Copeland. The Working Group is here to help
inform people about GDF, listen to views and answer any questions people may
have. Come along and have a chat with the local team.”
The drop-ins are being held in the following locations:
 July 22 Cleator Moor Town Council offices, Market Square, 10am-3pm
 July 28 Thwaites Village Hall, 10am-3pm
 July 30 Cumbria Traders’ Day Market, St Nicholas’ Gardens, Whitehaven,
 Aug 5 Egremont Meeting Place, Methodist Church, 10am-3pm
 Aug 11 Seascale Library, 10am-3pm
 Aug 20 Millom Conservative & Unionist Club, Lapstone Road, 10am-3pm
 Aug 24 Former Belvoir shop, King Street, Whitehaven, 10am-3pm
The larger exhibitions are set to take place from September 1-17th around Copeland
and will feature information boards, interactive activities and experts in different
subjects to help answer questions.
As part of the process to find a site for a GDF in England or Wales, a Working Group
was formed in Copeland last November. It has three main tasks – begin to
understand community issues, examine any concerns and questions the public has
about a GDF; identify a search area or areas within Copeland and recruit initial
members for a Community Partnership which could take that work forward.
Construction of a GDF facility is based on consent – which means there must be a
suitable site and a willing community in order to proceed.
The Working Group is available to speak to groups, help to answer questions and
provide information. Please get in touch by email:
or telephone 0300 369 0000. For further information, see the website: where you can also sign up for a monthly
newsletter and please also visit the virtual exhibition:
Notes to editors
1. A GDF would be made up of highly engineered vaults and tunnels located deep underground
designed to protect people and the environment and keep the radioactive waste safe and secure
while the radioactivity naturally decays to safe levels.
2. Successive UK Governments, supported by scientific advice, agree that geological disposal is the
right long-term solution for our higher activity radioactive waste, and there is overwhelming
international consensus, with advanced programmes now underway in Canada, Finland, France,
Sweden, Switzerland and many other countries.
3. The independent Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) recommends that
geological disposal, coupled with safe and secure interim storage, is the best approach for the
long-term management of the UK’s higher activity radioactive waste.
4. The search for a host community is a nationwide process, construction is based on community
consent, and includes detailed investigations to make sure there is a suitable site to construct a
safe and secure GDF. If the independent regulators don’t agree that a GDF can be designed,
constructed and operated safely and securely then it won’t be built.
About the Copeland Working Group and the GDF siting process
The Working Group in Copeland is made up of individuals and organisations who asked RWM to
consider whether a GDF could be located in the area, an independent Chair, independent facilitator,
RWM, and others such as Local Authorities from the area. The group will begin local discussions and
fact-finding with the community.
Establishing a Working Group is just the starting point for engaging with the community, in a process
that will take several years. The Working Group will identify and propose a Search Area for further
consideration in the search for potentially suitable sites, engage citizens across the community to
begin to understand their views, and recruit initial members for a Community Partnership with RWM
that could take the process further forward.
For further information go to the website: Working Group Copeland
About RWM
Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), formed in 2014, is responsible for geological disposal to
manage higher activity waste in England and Wales by finding a willing community and suitable site to
construct and operate a UK GDF for the long-term management of higher-activity radioactive waste.
RWM is a public organisation and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning

Press release – Copeland GDF Working Group holds pop-up__ events

Child centered policing- a new Cumbria police initiative

Cumbria Police’s Child Centred Policing Teams’

‘Did You Know’ Campaign

Did you Know?

Following the success of our Child Centred Policing Team’s (CCPT) ‘Did You Know’, campaign, lots of you have asked if we could share the campaign’s content again.

The campaign provided youth-focused, educational information, guidance, and support for parents, carers, educators, and young people.

You can find highlights of the campaign’s topics and resources in this newsletter, or search #DidYouKnow on our social media accounts.


About Cumbria’s Child Centred Policing Team

The CCPT were implemented by Inspector Gemma Hannah and Detective Chief Inspector James Yallop in 2020, following extensive research into childhood offending, conducted with the support of partner constabularies.

A child centred approach to policing aims to improve the quality of policing for children by acknowledging their differences, recognising their vulnerabilities, and meeting their needs. By doing this we can prevent the unnecessary criminalisation of children, signposting them to relevant support services and providing opportunities for positive interventions. 

Click here to read the full article

Sexting/Sending Naked Pictures

We live in a world where living part of your life on the internet is the norm. The web is a place of considerable knowledge and development, but it can also be the root of some serious dangers.

Sexting is the sharing of explicit pictures or video through mobile phones/other devices and the internet. 


Find out more information about the dangers of sexting by:

clicking here

Child Exploitation

Child exploitation is child abuse where children and young people are manipulated and coerced into committing crime. Children as young as 10 in Cumbria are being put in danger by criminals who take advantage of how vulnerable these young people are.

Read about the work Cumbria Police and the Cumbria Safeguarding Children Partnership, are doing to raise awareness of Child Exploitation by clicking here.


Sex without consent is rape and anything less than a yes is a no. 
Click here for a great way of explaining consent to people of all ages.

The more we can talk about the subject of consent, the more awareness we can raise on what it is and means and it’s importance.

You can find out more on talking to young people about consent by clicking here.


Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships can make people feel fantastic, supported, and loved.

Understanding the signs of an unhealthy relationship, could help with identifying that you or a friend or loved one is at risk of harm.

Find out more about the signs of an unhealthy relationship and support services you can contact by clicking here.

If you’re a young person looking for advice click here.

We have recently released some youth focused artwork (below) as a discussion starter for Healthy and unhealthy relationships.

 recognise signs

Read the full article about the artwork’s creation here.

CCPT Artwork


Understanding the law and the consequences of criminal behaviour, is vital for us to make an informed decision as to our actions.

The Child Centred Policing teams raised awareness of common areas of crime and their consequences through posts like this one.

Other areas of crime that were covered, included:

  • Assault
  • Malicious communications
  • Possession of cannabis
  • Indecent image sharing
 Criminal Damage


To find out more about the Child Centred Policing Team in your area, visit

If you are a parent or carer and are looking for help or support information with regards to a young person contact

If you are a young person and need help or support but do not wish to speak to the police contact

Meet your area’s Child Centred Policing team


For more information on the Child Centred Policing team

Click here



If you have any information which may assist us in any way, please let us know.

contact usbrowse the websitevisit us in personcall 101emergency 999

Egremont Town Council has launched its Margaret Woodburn Good Citizen Award- Do you know anyone in the community that you believe deserve to recognized for their community and individual work?

Egremont Town Council has launched its Margaret Woodburn Good Citizen Award-

May be an image of text that says "EGREMONT TOWN COUNCIL is looking for nominations for the MARGARET WOODBURN GOOD CITIZEN AWARDS 2021 THERE ARE TWO CATEGORIES: ONE FOR AN INDIVIDUAL ONE FOR A GROUP If you would like to nominate a person or group who lives in Egremont, Bigrigg or Moor Row who you feel deserves an award, please submit the details of who you are nominating & why along with your own name and contact details to: Egremont Town Council, Market Hall Offices, Market St, Egremont or email to: Closing date is Friday 9th July"

please do nominate a group or individual who you believe has or is making a difference to the Parish of Egremont.


Egremont town council announcements: AGM and new councilor.

At the recent Egremont town council AGM  the elections of the new cahir and deputy chair took place-

Chair of the council is Clr Elaine Woodburn.

Deputy Chair of the council is Clr Stephen Bell.

After the resignation of former councilor Ryan Fitzwilliam there was also a position for a councilor remaining. At a recent meeting a vote took place in which Mr Ken Shaw was voted to be the new councilor from out of 3 outstanding candidates.

The town council welcomes Clr Shaw to the coucil and looks forward to working with Ken and to a new chapter in the council’s history 

Margaret Wood’s funeral: Wednesday May 26th at 1030 at St. Marys Catholic church

Margaret Woodburn’s funeral is taking place on Wednesday 26th May at 10:30am at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Egremont. As many will appreciate the family are still limited to the number of people allowed in the Church. Many more than our allocation have indicated they would like to have attended so we are issuing the route we will be taking if anyone would like to show their respects. We will be leaving our Mam’s house, 23 high Lea at 10:20am and turning right onto Park View then, right again past Meadow View towards the Church. We will leave the Church at approx 11:15am where we will travel by Church View, past the Castle then onto the Main Street and straight to the Cemetery. There are no number limits at the Cemetery so if anyone would like to join us there they would be more than welcome. Can we also take this opportunity to thank everyone for their cards and kind words they would have meant so much to Mam and are proving a comfort to ourselves.