Lowes court & Florence mine

Lowes  court

Lowes Court Gallery has been in existence for over forty years and has supported the work of artists living and working in Egremont and surrounding villages, after the association had sensitively restored the oldest building in the Main Street in 19783 and creating a gallery and shop so if you are looking for something unique, then pop into the shop or go online at www.lowescourt.co.uk


Florence  mine

Florence mine was opened in 1948 to exploit the rich deposits of haematite ore which lies beneath the south western part of Cumbria, the mine was working to provide ore to the steel industry until 1985 when the demand for the high grade ore faded.

The mine continued to produce small amounts of haematite for use in the casting industry and to be used in the making of pigments until 2008 and up until that time visitors were able to go underground and see how an iron ore mine actually looked like. The mine has recently been reopened and is the last operational iron ore mine in England.

After the mine ceased major production activities, the shower block and changing room buildings were converted into a museum to display the iron ore mining history of the area and this museum was running until about 2009 when it was closed and the building was left empty and unused.

Florence Arts Centre was founded by the Egremont Regeneration Partnership in 2010, it is a community arts centre which aims to develop art in all its forms within the Egremont area and further afield.

Florence arts centre has facilities here which are able to hold exhibitions of the work of artists from the locality and from much further afield,and we hold these exhibitions on a regular basis. They are also a  centre for the performing arts and we hold regular musical events and also theatre and comedy performances on average two to three times per month.

submitted by Tom Higgins December 2015